MONSTER ALERT: Have you heard about Aero Chord?

Rising from the depths of intensity and insanity, the newest talent on the banger side of things is coming up through the ranks and shaking the 2×4′s in our walls.  Whether watching the crowd collectively bow in the awesome sensation of one of his hard-hitting drops, Aero Chord is the development of the future genres.  Encapsulating the best elements of various genres, each massive release has the power and authority to devastate.    Each track pumps adrenaline, and hydration is absolutely required.  After sprinkling nectar on our speakers for months and with some major upcoming releases in the pipeline, Aero Chord is your must-add artist to obsess over and to support repeatedly.  Here are some of our favorites, but you got some studying to do.  I bet your play button will never get this much action.
Game over.

Aero Chord x GAWTBASS – Secret [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Botnek & 3LAU – Vikings (Aero Chord Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Krewella – Live for the Night (Aero Chord Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The Chainsmokers – #SELFIE (Aero Chord Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Aero Chord - Ctrl Alt Destruction (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs DVBBS & Borgeous – STAMPEDE (Aero Chord Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Come out to Play-ee-ay! WE’RE BAAAAACCCCKKK!!


It’s been far too long.

After hibernating through a cold, computer-less winter, we’re starving for some sustenance.  The children are hungry. It’s time to share those bass-heavy morsels that we’ve been hoarding like nuts in a tree.  Well, since we lumbered out of our caves from hibernation, UMF14 happened, and festival season is fully upon us. Praise the bass-heavy and all their decibels of “whoa.”

In celebration of the season, we’re coming back at you with oodles and hours of joy.  Come click your brains out on essential lists and collections of tracks for your every day. All our monsters are back in action, and like I said, they’re hungry.

First up, SKRILLEX. In an ingenious marketing scheme, Sonny released a full preview of his upcoming LP Recess as an easter egg in the mobile game “Alien Ride.” It’s a fun space-oriented blaster, but hidden within the game are timed-releases of each track from Recess.  ”Ease My Mind” is creative/musical genius, but the composition of each track is a unicorn of a different color.  With flourishes and builds that levitate, the iconic breath and flavor throughout though is all Skrillex. Buy the whole album in the iTunes Store, and oh, buckle up.  After that, there’s a collection of some hard-hitting tracks that is sure to quicken your pulse with every play.    Enjoy.

Skrillex – All Is Fair In Love And Brostep     GET IT.

Skrillex – Ease My Mind     GET IT.

Downlink – Raw Power (Figure VIP)     GET IT.

Tut Tut Child x Splitbreed – Groupies     GET IT.

The Prodigy – We Are The Ruffest (The Frim Bootleg)     GET IT.

Them Lost Boys x Gummy – War Horse    GET IT.

Disclosure – Latch (Silverback Remix)     GET IT.

Party Favor – TOUCH (Jordan Odegard Remix)    GET IT.

Getter – Knives VIP     GET IT. 

Destroid – Raise Your Fist (Rekoil Remix)     GET IT.

Barely Alive Ft. Spock & Directive - Chasing Ghosts (Virtual Riot Remix)    GET IT.

Cash Cash Ft. Bebe Rexha – Take Me Home (Dr.Ozi Bootleg)     GET IT.

Tim Ismag x CVPELLV – dUb     GET IT.

Barely Alive – Dead Link    GET IT.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Best is yet to come…

Psychologic – Wake Up [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Brewed better than sumatra with a flavor better than bacon and eggs, newcomer producer Psychologic has a banger appropriate for any flavor of mash, grind, or rub.  Understated but flavorful, this track has all the necessary levels to raise the sensual awareness even the most demanding of audiophiles.  Enigmas echo and reverberate through clever developments that are sure to liven and excite your mind.  Lots of promise for the elevating talent.  Good Morning, Fam.

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Timeflies – #AFTERHOURS Mix Vol. 1

Kick off your shoes, put up your feet, and relax a minute.  The next 1:08:32 of your life is booked.  Push back the meetings, blow off class, or black out on Spring Break for this next hour with Timeflies.  An hour of sheer adrenaline, happy vibes, and acoustic euphoria.  These must-see artists cultivate a musical selection of varying tastes and satisfactions.  This promo mix clearly constructs the various inspirations for this multi-talented duo.  If their new project, After Hours even comes close to the energy in this mix, their release will be evolved and masterful.  Their singles have been received, but the veil is yet to be lifted.  This mix celebrates that accomplishment.   You can pre-order your copy of #AFTERHOURS here.