Timeflies – #AFTERHOURS Mix Vol. 1

Kick off your shoes, put up your feet, and relax a minute.  The next 1:08:32 of your life is booked.  Push back the meetings, blow off class, or black out on Spring Break for this next hour with Timeflies.  An hour of sheer adrenaline, happy vibes, and acoustic euphoria.  These must-see artists cultivate a musical selection of varying tastes and satisfactions.  This promo mix clearly constructs the various inspirations for this multi-talented duo.  If their new project, After Hours even comes close to the energy in this mix, their release will be evolved and masterful.  Their singles have been received, but the veil is yet to be lifted.  This mix celebrates that accomplishment.   You can pre-order your copy of #AFTERHOURS here.


CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share (Vanic Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Very few songs are capable of doing what this song accomplishes with ease.  By bringing the desirability of a beautiful sunny day into heavenly entrapments of a pixy-filled paradise. Vanic’s production tugs on the heartstrings in a celestial ascent.  By crafting the harmony with the discourse of electronic embellishment, this is just delicious enough to call: “Too sweet.”  Be transported by the master of these echoing bird songs and hypnotic synths.  If the world ignited in light and sound around my body, this is the track I’d listen to as reality deconstructed in a slo-motion montage. Hello springtime, meet your new soundtrack.


Zedd – Find You (Killabyte Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Life has an eerily beautiful ability to be both insufferable and blissful. When the world seems to crumble around us in death and turmoil, music is the sole beacon of inspiration and hope in the chaotic expanse of our valuable days. Killabyte demonstrates precisely this priceless ability with an uplifting, euphoric take on Zedd‘s “Find You.” With entrancing synths paired with heart-engrossing vocals, this remix ignites the spark of life in every listener. The 16th-note runs and cascading sonic auras establish both the joy and satisfaction in finding the object for which your mind and body thirst. Chills will run across your skin in playful steps until all the blood rushes into your cheeks. “Euphoria” is a simplistic description for what KB achieved here, but one thing can be stated succinctly, Killabyte has developed into quite the master of sensual bass. This remix is clearly the evidence. After all, that’s all we want…nay, need from music – to make us feel something. GET IT.

BONUS: Diamond Pistols Ft. Anna Yvette – Twerk (Killabyte Remix)    GET IT.


Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix & Like Mike – Tremor [PREVIEW]

Look at that roster and shudder in fear.  The always heavy-hitting duo Dimitri Vegas x Like Mike  are mad scientists and the main stage is their laboratory.  In a brilliant maneuver, Martin Garrix joins the fray to deliver one of this year’s funkiest electro house jams that is sure to become a festival staple.  Those horns and synths blast into the atmosphere with both power and audacity.  You and your furry friends are about to get wet.  Expected out on 4/21 through Spinnin’ Records.

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