3OH!3 – Back To Life (Party Ghost Remix) [FREE DL]

Uh oh…a 3OH!3 remix? It’s amazing?! Well done.  This remix easily sets the summer standard for raucous behavior and general debauchery.  Party Ghost drops a drumstep heater that combines the lethal potency of water with electronics.  Well, think more “stereo by the pool” than “toaster in the bath.”  “Back To Life” transforms the summer road trip into a group head-banging thrasher that will knock the boots off of the person tailing you. Don’t worry they deserve it – I mean, who tails a person on the interstate? That’s a dick move.  Litter the world’s motorways with beer bottles, empty cigarette boxes, and roaches.  You’re young, and a litter charge is explainable.  However, regardless of punitive sanctions, this release should be blasting from your headphones, car stereo, and nearest speaker at all times.  Incite a riot, and disturb the peace.  We finally have a massive tune that will bring the Coors Light booty bunnies without having to open a single twist-off.  Oh, and it’s FREE.  Cheers to that.

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