Armin van Buuren – Intense (feat. Miri Ben-Ari) [Preview]

armin 2

The god of trance is at it as always. Armin is the definition of professional when it comes to music production. He rarely releases a full track, and as it may be a tease, there is a motive behind the madness. Armin is a creature of live shows. If you have seen him at any venue in any country at any time, you must agree. Armin is unlike any other artist in the world for many reasons, but the main being that he is special. “Special” can mean a number of things, but the true understanding of why Armin is the way he is lies within his music. He makes us happy. He provides us with endless amounts of energy, and he allows us to understand that as a human being we are driven towards happiness however we see fit. In understanding the electric scene more than the majority of DJ’s in the world, he provides us with a map to the peak levels of ecstasy and x marks the spot. The x of course is Armin van Buuren. Peep this preview and receive a small taste of the excellence that Armin provides.

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