Matroda – Agramus


A contemporary masterpiece of bass, dubstep, trap, and gnarly electronic elements, this next offering is sure to appease the gods.  With the emphasis of the 808 punctuating every move from Matroda, “Agramus” is one of the clearest statements of talent that has come across our inbox in quite some time.  Staking his claim to the heavyweight title, this newest release has all the essentials with the added demonstration of orchestration and composition.  An evolving and developing sound, we anticipate great things to come from this upcoming producer.   |GET IT.

DJ Fresh Ft. Ellie Goulding – Flashlight

A little DnB pre-release gem from the UK King of Producers.  Some of the crispiest bass layered and flavored by the iconic and inspirational vocals of Ellie Goulding.  Slated for late September, this release is what fuels our mayhem and our frenzy.  Capturing the BAMF mentality and knocking fools out of their element, DJ Fresh and Ellie Goulding bring us lasting heat that we can store in booty cheeks for the upcoming winter with their newest single FLASHLIGHT, which is slated on Fresh’s upcoming album due later this year.  With wobble nonsense, femme fatale vocals, and phrases of excitement that echo through your chest wall. I don’t know about you, but after the last few  releases, it’s time for some new girl fire by DJ Fresh.   |GET IT.

Vanic x machineheart – Circles [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Another massive release from the talent that just can’t be ignored - Vanic. This time in a magnificent team-up with machineheart, an underground gem out of LA, the talented feel-good producer brings it with an original collaboration that is sure to satisfy the euphoric and the incited.  With tangible energy levels layered over the feel and message of the vocals, “Circles” is a play-and-cruise track with that levels that will blow your speaker… if you aren’t careful.  The bass flows over your mind, as Vanic has the future/feel-good traptasms on lock.  If you like indie pop or happy trap, music that makes you smile, or a beat that will make you move, this track pretty much has you covered.  Get addicted with 1 play, and you’re done.  |GET IT.


The ground trembles with a rumbling frenzy of noise and energy, rolling across the fruited plains of your imagination.  The alarms are blaring, as our senses get rocked and transitioned from genre-specific element to the next, securing that the next few seconds of your life can ultimately threaten your survival in the dangers of that party life, perfect for those summer nights.  It’s heating up! LAXX, coming off the massive internet-deconstructing success of Step One x Step Two, delivers a inspiring anthem for causing mayhem that is sure to titillate even the most reserved and contemplative.  Turn Up for this. | GET IT.

LAXX – Step Two | GET IT.

HU₵₵I loves Atlanta.

If you’re like me, you’re always in the mood for a fresh beat, and this pretty much covers my fix.  After getting deafened by his set at the Steeple Stage, this subtly powerful track shows us exactly why we love HU₵₵I - reserved ability, expertise, and some real nastiness.  With a vast arsenal of hype-inducing anthems, this release would make any portfolio that much better.  Take a listen and see what the kids are listening to.  It’s dirty.  Like a tissue drop, it’ll dissolve with a funny taste while taking you on a memorable ride.  Yum.  Trap embellishments, an evolving sound, and heavy bass influences… “pink clouds” pretty much covers it.  Stream only.

And this never gets old…


Like to go hard? DotEXE has you covered. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

It’s not very often you come across a remix that delivers on the same level as (if not surpasses) the original, but after laying the framework of fast-paced drums, an elusive bass line, and those Ragga Twins vocals, DotEXE slathers his talent over bars of honey-sweet sound.  The suffocating environment will make your eyes and ears whine like when we wake up from an afternoon nap of daytime activities.  Time to enter the mindset of the weekend (disregarding it being Tuesday).  If the wubs and wanes of the Skrillex original left you craving more, DotEXE has the next dosage.  This will habitually follow the original in my regular rotation.  Oh, and yes, that awesome feeling behind your eyes when this is on full blast is “as designed.”|GET IT.


Stephen Walking – Excellent Choice [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Something funky for your ever-wonderful transition from worker drone to rage machine.  Once this beat drops, you’ll kick off your suit and tie for a tank, rage shades, and a bandana.  The intro has you reaching for a mojito with a wedge of lime.  It almost transports you to a white sand beach on some fancily-spelt island.  The funky drop just hammers you home to a bass-heavy, sweat-lathered party.  Game’s on when these dials start to pop.  Stephen Walking.  “Excellent Choice.”  GET IT.

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CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share (Vanic Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Very few songs are capable of doing what this song accomplishes with ease.  By bringing the desirability of a beautiful sunny day into heavenly entrapments of a pixy-filled paradise. Vanic’s production tugs on the heartstrings in a celestial ascent.  By crafting the harmony with the discourse of electronic embellishment, this is just delicious enough to call: “Too sweet.”  Be transported by the master of these echoing bird songs and hypnotic synths.  If the world ignited in light and sound around my body, this is the track I’d listen to as reality deconstructed in a slo-motion montage. Hello springtime, meet your new soundtrack.


Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait (Bloombox & Sam Feldt Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

We had to bring you some heat today, especially after all the snow that’s been falling on your heads. Not to mention the OTHER reason. <3  Since your regularly scheduled program most likely resumes today (if it got disrupted at all), this is a tasty morsel that’ll put a smile on your face all day long. Let me tell you, this one will haunt your dreams in a tantalizingly ecstatic type of way. These two Dutch innovators, Bloombox and Sam Feldt, did their thing on this one by combining the pulsing rhythm of bass and hand claps, riddled with guitar riffs, with the bedroom soul of smooth saxophone melodies and the unavoidably emotional Mumford & Sons vocals. It makes Kenny G look like Gumby with curls. Their expertly-crafted remix sends chills down my spine as we all flap in the winds of struggle and triumph, but hey, we just call it “life.” With subtle, yet moving, percussive ornaments, this refresh of “I Will Wait” gives magic to the lonely, making the impossible within your reach.  Go ahead and GRAB IT.



Ookay – Stay With Me [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This dude has been absolutely killing it.  After flexin’ his trap skills with his Stick Up EP, he’s got a funky new diddy for all you audiophiles craving something energetic yet chill that combines the soul of yesterday with the new school production of nudisco.  It goes down smooth with enough flavor to have you coming back for more.  Literally, we’ve had it on repeat for a few hours, and I’m sure you’ll be blasting this one on the way to your weekend festivities, even if that includes cleaning your room.  And that synth line…  Clearly, one of the most versatile producers right now, Ookay has the Midas’ Touch of dance music.  Come see why.  GET IT.


Bastille – Pompeii (Audien Remix) [Preview]

Acoustic happiness.  Audien returns to us with a masterpiece of the feel-good paired with some pretty phenomenal progressions.  You can just feel the confetti fall down from the sky as bright lights penetrate the clouds of fog.  Cavernous echoes punctuate the feeling, and it feels like “Pompeii” has a silver lining of joy.  This track has invaded the internet, and we just can’t get enough.  Listen as lasers mesmerize.  Watch for the official release, “Coming Soon.”


Twenty One Pilots- Guns For Hands (Dzeko & Torres Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Need a feel-good track to get you through your Monday?  Drink this down with your morning breakfast, cigarette, or (insert morning guilty pleasure).  Dzeko & Torres put the music festival heart into a progressing pair of subwoofers.  With Twenty One Pilots voices focus your ears in a hauntingly beautiful sound setting that is sure to make appearances at your nearest music festival.  Extend your emotions, and create the memories that root you in the experience.  This remix handles your heart like a pro.  All you need to do is click play and let go.  GET IT.

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Yellow Claw – Shotgun (Quintino Remix) [PREVIEW]

The experience.  It’s incredible.  The lights and sound converge into a solid wave of energy that pulsates on your face to the fervent rhythm of bass.  Cosmic synths surround Rochelle’s vocals like chocolate covers strawberry – thick and dirty.  Imagine the exhilaration.  Quintino wrecks it with this remix, and as a precursor for the upcoming remixes compilation for “Shotgun” (Spinnin Records, 1/27), you just aren’t ready for what’s in store.  Check it out below, and see what all the fuss is about.

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Doctor P – Shishkabob (Point.Blank VIP)

To a point, it’s very hard to remix a track by Doctor P.  Since the original has so much energy and depth, very few can successfully add to what was already a heavy track, but here’s something that definitely proves that wrong.  Point.Blank released this bass behemoth into the wild, and with the level of destruction in its wake, we’re responding with immense love.  Elevating the quality of both the drop and the overall complexity of composition of the original track, here’s something you won’t want to miss.  Warn your neighbors.  This VIP is about to strain your relationship. GET IT.

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Eric Clapton – Cocaine (Gazzo Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

If you’ve ever wanted to get funky, this is exactly what you need.  In a recipe for perfect destruction, Gazzo brings his rager-inducing energy to the classic feel-good jam, “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton.  The build gets you familiar and primed for what lies ahead.  With a frenetic flip that will upgrade your grey matter into a bold, intelligent blueprint of zebra stripes, these drops will lift, smash, and hug you (all at the same damn time).  Curating the appropriate level of balance between “classic” and “now” and layering pinpoint samples, this remix is one of the purest party anthems to-date.  Just vibe to it and see how the year’s best is shaping up.  This could pretty much set the bar.  GET IT.


R3hab x NERVO x Ummet Ozcan – Revolution (Vocal + Instrumental Mixes w/ Music Video)

Read that title again.  That’s any festie raver’s wild fantasy.  Pinch yourself.  Yeah, this is real.  The instrumental mix was made available to the world a few months back, but this might be better.  (Well, we know it is, but you can agree with us later. <3)  By adding in sexy vocals from the NERVO twins to what was already a funk-nasty beat riddled with succulent synths, the end result is an addictive narcotic that you’ll overindulge as you enjoy your tasty treat.  Delivering a frenzy-inspiring care package for your gloomy Monday, R3hab is at the top of his game, and by bringing in progressive power talent, Ummet Ozcan, they may have just obliterated the mold.  R3hab x Ummet Ozcan AND NERVO?! Come on.  A triple threat never went down so smooth.  All your dirty little thoughts are about to become reality.  GET IT.  (Vocal mix DL coming soon.)

Vocal Mix:

Instrumental Mix:



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Dillon Francis – Without You (Ft. T.E.E.D.) [Doctor P & Flux Pavilion Remix]

Good morning, squad.  What we have here is a long-awaited collaboration between the masters of the party, Doctor P and Flux Pavilion.  Taking on Dillon Francis’ enormously popular angst-ridden track, “Without You (Ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs), the synths are reminiscent of Flux’s “Cracks” remix, but obviously, a thousand words couldn’t say enough about this track. Replace Starbucks with this at 11 on repeat.  Worth it.  GET IT.


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Dada Life – This Machine Kills Ravers

This track has everything you need for weekend bliss.  1 part massive builds + 2 parts insane synth and horns + 1 part creative genius.  The entire experience from beginning to end is an ever-evolving journey through a building energy that crests at astronomical peaks, leaving the security of your world in shambles.  Watch out, the vibrations you feel throughout your body are precursors to acoustic overdose.  Not that that’s a bad thing. :)

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Fix your laces.  It’s about to get real.  If you ever celebrated a goal, getting a number, or just one fantastic and memorable night, this is the song your heart sang.  SAYMYNAME is a master on this one.  This flip will have you spinning, and the bass will make workin’ it look easy.  It’ll send chills up your spine and connect you with everyone within earshot.  This will bring your walls down with just enough bass and shouting to get your hips going.  Olé.  GET IT.


Monster Update: Dubstep

Got some heavy hitters on solid rotation in this newest update to the collection.  Dripping, salacious tracks that stupefy and entrance.  Your mind will be forever lost in the cosmic void between some sexy ass legs. In short, consensual ear relations are about to ensue.  In no particular order, I give you the seemingly best of the field in the more delectable of genres.   The nasty, heavy filth. The beat will drop, and your feet will dance along in glorious resolute nectar.

The Trickaz – No Rescue (Figure Remix)    GET IT.

xKore x F3tch – Ladies     GET IT.

Bone N Skin – On Fire (Spag Heddy Remix)      GET IT.

Eptic x MUST DIE! – Z     GET IT.




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