RoughMath – Regal (Original Mix) FREE DL

Do you like it rough? That’s a yes, right? We do, too.

Dropping angry algebraic formulas on you in the form of menacing drumstep is RoughMath, a relative unknown from the UK. What starts out as a relaxing reggae jam quickly turns into that dirty, rough, f*** your face type of music you crave. With a driving off-beat chord progression, drums that hit like George Foreman, and otherworldly bass and synth production, this one is sure to keep your head bouncing all through the daily grind. Always hated math? I can promise you this is one math session you won’t want to miss. GET IT


SirensCeol – Unlimited Pancakes [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Let me put a picture in your mind. You arise in the morning to a warm, sunny day, and are alerted by your favorite social media outlet that IHOP or your favorite pancake slangin’ outfit has decided to make a one day offer of unlimited pancakes for free. Imagine your excitement, your mouth salivating at the thought of all that syrupy goodness filling your mouth, and the smell of freshly cooked pancakes overwhelming your nostrils. Now, close your eyes, insert this thought into your brain while listening to this track and tell me you wouldn’t put the restaurant out-of-business, if you jammed this the whole time. Put your spacesuit on and board the star ship as you are taken on an unreal journey to the outer regions of your consciousness. Coming in hot with a thumping intro, followed by a maddening variety of mid range synths on the drop, closing with a gorgeous synth melody, and you have all the makings of a banger. GET IT.

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Pretty Lights – A Color Map of the Sun

Artist: a person capable of superior workmanship or performance.

This is evidently true when talking about Derek Vincent Smith, a.k.a Pretty Lights. Showcasing the skills that have made him a top notch producer while simultaneously taking it to a whole new level, A Color Map of the Sun is truly a work of art. Charting a new course on the electronic music landscape, PL has taken us inside his mind by creating his own collection of vinyl to sample from, making this an album one he can truly call his own. This undertaking involved working with countless musicians in studios across the country, from New York to New Orleans, and as they say, the proof is in the puddin’ (you can check out the full documentary The Making of “A Color Map of the Sun” here). Laying colorful samples, breathtaking vocals that sound straight out of the 50s, a mixture of live instruments, and the head-nodding traditional PL rhythms, this album is the full package. From the silky smoothness of “Yellow Bird” and “Vibe Vendetta” to the gritty sounds on “Color of My Soul” and “So Bright,” PL has encompassed the entire spectrum of his sounds into one beautiful masterpiece. True to his roots, the album is available for free download here, or purchased as a double CD from the PL store, as well as digital download on iTunes. If you can support this album by making a purchase, I highly encourage you to do so!

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Gramatik – You Don’t Understand

I really don’t understand how Gramatik continues to crush every track he puts his name on. As the second single released in anticipation of his album, The Age of Reason, this track keeps the mood fresh with anticipation for what he is cooking up. Preparing you for the madness that is surely to ensue, you are brought into it softly with an entrancing introduction sprinkled with bits of distorted guitar riffs. You are then launched headfirst into the muscle beat of the song with some soulful vocal samples, followed by the madness of otherworldly high pitched synth work and gritty bass. If the two singles off this album are a strong indication of what’s to come, expect The Age of Reason to clearly define the genre of “bluestep.”

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Manic Focus x Future Rock – Pine Sol Fresh [FREE DL]

As anticipation grows for the start of Electric Forest this week, we bring you this maniacally rocking track from two of our favorites. After seeing Manic Focus crush the beat tent at Summercamp, one can only imagine how insane his set at EF will be. Not to mention Future Rock will be there as well, and the chances for a collab set are very high. This track features the best of both worlds with the live instrumentation of Future Rock and skillful production from MF. Getting funky on the bass, trippy with the mid-range basslines, and killing it with soulful samples, this is poised to clean out all the radio gunk from your ears and leave them feeling Pine Sol Fresh. Download

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Cheshire – Funk On EP

 Here’s a riddle: When is a croquet mallet like a billy club? I’ll tell you: Whenever you want it to be! 

Whenever I read the name Cheshire, or hear it spoken, my little kid brain turns on, and I am instantly transported to Wonderland. This is a different kind of Cheshire though, not the friendly, albeit odd, cat. This form of Cheshire is very much human with a knack for making dance-inducing jams.  Hitting you like some monstrous combination of croquet mallet and billy club, this EP brings you the hard hitting funky glitch-hop that your ears crave. From start to finish without missing a single beat, funky basslines, samples, and synths dominate your ear canals, causing a chain reaction in your brain to just wild out. Beatport

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ill.Gates Ft. Youngsta – Orange Sky [FREE DL]

For those of you not familiar, get out from under the rock you are living, and get some ill.Gates in your life. This bass-oscillating, beat droppin’ mad man is one producer you don’t want to miss. As a frequent collaborator with EDM heavyweights Bassnectar, Datsik, Beats Antique, etc., the self-described minister of the Church of Bass never disappoints. This is no different. The scene is set with a summertime vibes and thoughts of endless possibilities. Mix into that a thumping hip-hop vibe, stunning vocals from Youngsta, a hammering rhythm section, and basslines so sick that they could only come from the mind of ill.Gates… well, you have yourself this feel-good jam. Keeping it solid, this track is available for free download here.

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Kaosa – Reflections

Dirty as a duck. That’s just one of the many ways to describe this track. This is wild out music. Primal, foot-stomping, rage-face-inducing jams. Released as one of two songs on the So Far So Good EP (via Dirty Duck Audio), rising stars Kaosa just dropped some hammers on your ears. This is dubstep produced in its finest form with well-rounded wobbles, exceptional synth leads, and some growling mid-rangers to gnaw at your core. What more could you ask for?  I would have to agree with these fellas’, “So Far So Good.” Beatport


SuperVision – Telekinetic EP

Almost two years since the release of Telescopic, word began to spread about SuperVision releasing his new EP entitled Telekinetic, and a certain tingle crept up my spine – one that only comes from soul-moving music. With his own version of hip-hop/electro-soul goodness, SuperVision has once again brought the heat. Sometimes records fizzle out after the first few tracks, but that’s not even close to true for this release. Keeping the fire burning like gasoline on a bonfire, the flames keep raging, the deeper you go. Gritty synths, exceptional flow from Jay Fresh on “Close to Me,” incredible sampling, and head nodding beats make this record the one you’ll keep on replay. In true PLM fashion, the record is available for free download here. If this is your first introduction to SuperVision, do yourself a favor and download his first release on PLM, Telescopic, this man has true talent.

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Tipper – Shatterbox (VIP Mix)

All monsters on deck, this man needs your help. We all know how expensive the cost of even basic medical care can be these days. Now, imagine your insurance company won’t cover the full cost of your open heart surgery. This is the situation facing David Tipper, one of the most respected producers in electronic music. David has decided to battle this dilemma by releasing three previously unreleased tracks, with 100% percent of the sales going to fund the part of his surgery his insurance won’t cover. This track is one of three off the EP, and it is a glitch-hop lover’s wet dream. If this is any indication of what to expect on the EP, get a new pair of shorts ready. In addition to buying the EP here, additional contributions can be made via PayPal sent to Coming together and helping one another is something our community is based on, so let’s all help Tipper out.  With our help, he can continue to satisfy our need for great tracks in the future!


SubVibe – Rediscovery (Dino Safari Remix) [FREE DL]

If you ever find yourself deep in the jungle, riding around in some topless SUV, frantically speeding away from attacking rhinos, tigers, or lions, Dino Safari has a track that will quell your fears and let you execute your escape in flawless fashion. Bluntly put, this composition puts you in the zone – work, party and everything in between. This is a perfect jam for you to “do work, son.” Remixing this track was no easy task, as the original is a dubstep banger in its own right, but somehow, it has been done. Composed with multiple tempo changes ranging from glitch-hop, to DnB, and dubstep, you are kept on your toes anxiously awaiting what comes next. Combine that with some other-worldly synth work and heady bass, and well, life suddenly becomes more clear. Get it while its hot! Download

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Adventure Club – Superheroes Anonymous Vol. 2 [FREE DL]

Pick up the phone, order yourself your favorite pizza, turn the volume up, and rage to this mix while consuming your favorite version of doughy, cheesy, delight. Adventure Club has done it again, satisfying all the addictions your ears crave. Premiered at ThisFestivalSlaps and simultaneously breaking multiple records on Mixify (are you really surprised?), this mix is exactly why we love Adventure Club. The second installment of the “Superheroes Anonymous” series is nothing short of spectacular. Touching almost every genre under the sun, this is an hour of pure sonic bliss. Trap, grimy dubstep, moombahton, house, and whatever you desire is in this mix, and it’s all for you. Available for free download, this mix should make it onto your favorite music storage device ASAP. We can’t wait to see what comes next for “Superheroes Anonymous.” Download

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Funk4Mation – Da Wild (EH!DE Remix) [FREE DL]

Where have you been hiding? This diamond in the rough is none other than a certified slammer. Speeding up things a bit, this track is a mad scientist’s mixture of glitch-hop and dubstep with a sprinkle of off-beat reggae chords. At the drop, a low voice tells you to “just bounce.” I don’t even believe that needs to be said. Raging to this is as natural as breathing. With a loopy synth melody keeping your mind intrigued as to what comes next, heavy, face-melting basslines and hyphy vocal stabs will keep you raging all summer long. Download.


TYR – Gone With The Funk [FREE DL]

Weeee want the funk… all of it. Make our knees shake with soulful vocals and all the funky bass riffs you can give us. If anyone questions whether the funk has left the building, think again. TYR comes through in his vintage 70s suit and afro, submerging all your senses deep into a funky pool of creativity. I mean, just listen to the opening bass riff… does that not scream Soul Train to you? If not, I suggest you get back to basics, and get your funkin’ and groovin’ on. Don’t get it twisted though. This isn’t your parent’s brand of funk. TYR clearly understands how to make the old and new schools work together. The drop hits you in an unusual way – first, with a pause; then, a sick little bass riff to get it all going. Mix that together with crowd-crushing bass lines, chopped-up synths, and a sick rhythm section, and you have yourself this banger. Download.



SOFA KING – 8 Bit Sofa

SOFA KING awesome. Say that fast a couple times, and you have the description for this track. There’s really no other way to put it. I’d even bet money this track could get your grandma nodding her head along. Starting by teasing you in the intro with a heady bass line, then it shifts gears and quickly ushers you into a build focused around a man speaking about the origins of electronic music production. Anticipation is at a maximum when the drop comes around. Delivering on all accounts, the meat of this track is an excellent mix of gritty bass, cerebral samples, and a thumping beat. If you love glitch-hop, do your ears a favor and jam this.


Michal Menert – Elements EP

One true fact of life: the best things in it are free. The PLM crew has understood this concept from the beginning, exposing countless individuals too the groovy-funky-hip-hop side of EDM with free releases of all their music. Continuing with this tradition, Michal Menert has released the Elements EP, four tracks representing each one of the classical elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air). Released over the course of four months, we decided to wait till we had them all in one to give you an extra serving of delicious beats. With each of these tracks you get chilled out funky party music, capable of turning even the most sour frowns upside-down. Available for high quality download here, make sure to add these to your summer playlist.

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Michal Menert – Real Hiphop

Hip Hop 101 taught by Professor Michal Menert. First test: Identify the tracks from which each lyric is taken.

1) “I let my tape rock till my tape pop”

2) “To get up, get up, get up, so cash your checks and get up”

3) “Took another sip of the potion, hit the three-wheel motion”

How’d you do? If you aced it, you know real hip hop. If you didn’t, I suggest you take notes and listen to this head-nodding anthem. Embodying everything the PLM label was created for, Michal Menert showcases his skills and demonstrates why he is considered one of the premier hip-hop/electronica fusion artists out. With aggressive vocal samples, deliciously melodic riffs, and a true-to-the-game hip hop beat, Professor Menert teaches everyone real hip hop. As a tribute to reaching 40k fans on Facebook, this track is released as a FREE DL. Oh, and if you live in Denver, be sure to head to Casselman’s on Friday night and check out Michal Menert live.  His shows never disappoint.

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Varien & Razihel – Toothless Hawkins And His Robot Jazz Band

Transport yourself to a much different world, where speakeasy’s, gambling and illegal whiskey run the streets. It’s the scene where jazz music reigned supreme and where this track gathers its roots from. Now, travel forward in time to a brand new century, and we get this, “Toothless Hawkins and His Robot Jazz Band.” One thing is for sure, I would love to party with Toothless Hawkins, just the name tells me of good times with excessive consumption of everything your mother told you was bad. The mix of jazz and electro is always a favorite of ours, and this rendition is quite good. Similar in tone to the glitch-hop stalwarts Grizmatik (GRiZ + Gramatik) sprinkle the track, bringing you that delicious blend of funk and bass that we all have grown to love.



LabRat – Fuse

Third floor, please. After stepping onto the elevator, the chilled out vibes of the intro have you looking at your fellow passengers, wondering which one of you is going to bust the first move. Once the drum section kicks in, pandemonium ensues with an all out funky dance party, starting while your a minimum of 3 stories in the air. LabRat kills it on this one, bringing you a glitch-hop track that is chock-full of delicious sounds. From the three-week-old-laudry, funk-nasty basslines to the unreal drop that comes in after plenty of buildup, this satisfies all your funky desires. (in the voice of Old Greg), “LabRat has got the funk”. To put the icing on the cake, LabRat does everyone a solid and made this track a free download! ‘Nuff said.


Pretty Lights – Live Studio Sessions Reel 15 Break 5 from “A Color Map of the Sun”

PL swag. As if the hype hasn’t reached epic proportions already, Pretty Lights has done it again, giving us a teaser of what the sessions that created A Color Map of the Sun sound like. I mean, sampling aside, this live studio session has all the feel of your favorite PL banger, only missing vocals and some gritty bass lines and vocals. This project has been a massive undertaking, involving incredible amounts of studio time just to gather all the samples needed to make that special Pretty Lights sound. It’s really cool that he decided to give us this sneak peek of how it all went down. Unfortunately, this and “Around the Block” will have to hold you over until the full release of A Color Map of the Sun (July 2nd). For now, enjoy this preview of what is sure to be one of this year’s best albums.

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