Protohype Ft. Ras – Encore (Twine Remix)

artworks-000088528896-97wtky-t500x500Protohype just released an EP.  (It’s mammoth and shows just how varied and diverse his range is.  You should cop yours right here.)   But hidden on that martial arts expo of bass is the Sunny State’s newest emerging talent - Twine. This kid goes hard, to put it concisely. In the last 4-6 months, we’ve seen this guy impress, undress, and devastate crowds at shows and house parties.  He’s making quite a case for himself as leading new talent, but with support from major leaguers and delivering so well on a guest spot must bode well for his chances.  Keep an eye on this man.   |GET IT.


Dan Farber – Kiss The Sky [FREE DOWNLOAD]


This Jimi Hendrix has us kissing skies, clouds, stacked styro cups, and naked skin.  Taking a street take on this Hendrix original, those hoodrat tricks are even ready for this pro session of acoustics.  Gyrate and swerve through the trap-happy elements that should envelop you in a cocoon of utter awesomeness.  Emerge a trappy hippie and enrage the monsters into a frenzy.  Dan Farber‘s tribute to one of the greatest musicians of all time is indicative of the inspiration and groundwork that created this beast.  Turn up, get down, move your body, and kiss this mother****in’ dude right here.  #KissTheFarber   |GET IT.

Blink 182 – What’s My Age Again (DotEXE Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


We’ve been waiting for this to happen, and with a talent like DotEXE at the helm, we’re just along for the ride.  Starting off with a guitar riff that brings back some serious nostalgia, you can’t help but sing along with the verse, nodding in both agreement and energy.  The pace change wreaks havoc, and the percussive nonsense of the drops is utter gold.  This is an instant classic for the masses. These waves will deafen you.  |GET IT.

Crazy Frog – Axel F (EH!DE Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Oh, this one is crazy.  Beverly Hills Cop electrified with all the crazy shit that EH!DE pulls.  It’s pretty much the best thing to dubstep, since Eddie Murphy’s early 90’s mustache.  The build is an onslaught of acoustics, which delights our fancy.  We wish to pay homage to this overlord.  Little children, come fade from reality.  This is how we like to play.  With riveting, unforgiving sequences of bass, you’ll be up to our level of shenanigans in no time  If you haven’t heard of the Spanish Slayer yet, let me give you the 4-1-1.  This kid murders with bass.
(End of discussion)   |GET IT.

Adventure Club Ft. Yuna – GOLD (Minnesota Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

If audio could precipitate, this would rain down gold.  With the soulful groove, uplifting vocals, pulsating synths, and a bass drum that will stress test your chest, Minnesota is an elder of the Church of Bass.  Seasoning Yuna’s vocals with his own take on Adventure Club’s melodic themes, this remix builds in the breaths between bass waves, both suffocating and refreshing.  Enticing, revolving, and moving.  Crisped to perfection, this remix has all the love and expertise of a talent that is clearly demonstrating the level at which he operates.  Following up his enigmatically next-level Voyager EP release (GET IT.) with a release of this caliber shows you that their is no ceiling above him.|GET IT.


And here’s a bonus remix from Twofold – you gotta hear this one too!


Flaxo’s NOT Sorry, Ms. Jackson. Deal. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This is for real.  With cascading synths escalating and drawing you into a fictitious landscape of dragons and dirty southern hip hop, the guitar riffs scream an 80′s hair band.  Flaxo goes into a different vein of his repertoire to demonstrate the euphoric joyous side of his production style.  Massive builds and tones with drops that force your neck into forward rocking rhythmic oscillation.  Those synths though bring in a celestial sprinkling of pixie dust that will have your ass flying.  Know that.

Outkast – Ms. Jackson (Flaxo Remix) |GET IT.


Ice Cream is better with Jantsen and Dirt Monkey

Giving the digital treatment to Johnny Osbourne’s iconic “No Ice Cream Sound,” Jantsen and Dirt Monkey hammer sub bass in rhythmic oscillations that shake the skin covering your bongos.  In sensational style, the island vibes export your nerve endings to a transcendent paradise inhabited by high-decibel bass lines.  The only thing missing would be the expertly-crafted taste of Maui Wowie on your lips.  Feel the Caribbean breeze skate across your face in waves of percussive implements.   You’ll want to stomp with this one.  Feel the rhythm, and make your own rhyme.


Dan Farber – Dreams ✘♡ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

In the ethereal sense, Dan Farber delivers a mystically rhythmic beast that cascades on the hips of the anointed in ways that only bass and vibrations can deliver.  With horns that hammer along to a poignant drum line, you feel the breaths of air caress your cheeks as your heart rate soars.  The “thrill” comes in waves as the trebles enact vocal transformations into effervescent creatures.  This is the next level, you’ve read all about.  This is your “Dreams✘♡.” |GET IT.

Come out to Play-ee-ay! WE’RE BAAAAACCCCKKK!!


It’s been far too long.

After hibernating through a cold, computer-less winter, we’re starving for some sustenance.  The children are hungry. It’s time to share those bass-heavy morsels that we’ve been hoarding like nuts in a tree.  Well, since we lumbered out of our caves from hibernation, UMF14 happened, and festival season is fully upon us. Praise the bass-heavy and all their decibels of “whoa.”

In celebration of the season, we’re coming back at you with oodles and hours of joy.  Come click your brains out on essential lists and collections of tracks for your every day. All our monsters are back in action, and like I said, they’re hungry.

First up, SKRILLEX. In an ingenious marketing scheme, Sonny released a full preview of his upcoming LP Recess as an easter egg in the mobile game “Alien Ride.” It’s a fun space-oriented blaster, but hidden within the game are timed-releases of each track from Recess.  “Ease My Mind” is creative/musical genius, but the composition of each track is a unicorn of a different color.  With flourishes and builds that levitate, the iconic breath and flavor throughout though is all Skrillex. Buy the whole album in the iTunes Store, and oh, buckle up.  After that, there’s a collection of some hard-hitting tracks that is sure to quicken your pulse with every play.    Enjoy.

Skrillex – All Is Fair In Love And Brostep|GET IT.

Skrillex – Ease My Mind|GET IT.

Downlink – Raw Power (Figure VIP)|GET IT.

Tut Tut Child x Splitbreed – Groupies|GET IT.

The Prodigy – We Are The Ruffest (The Frim Bootleg)|GET IT.

Them Lost Boys x Gummy – War Horse|GET IT.

Disclosure – Latch (Silverback Remix)|GET IT.

Party Favor – TOUCH (Jordan Odegard Remix)|GET IT.

Getter – Knives VIP|GET IT. 

Destroid – Raise Your Fist (Rekoil Remix)|GET IT.

Barely Alive Ft. Spock & Directive - Chasing Ghosts (Virtual Riot Remix)|GET IT.

Cash Cash Ft. Bebe Rexha – Take Me Home (Dr.Ozi Bootleg)|GET IT.

Tim Ismag x CVPELLV – dUb|GET IT.

Barely Alive – Dead Link|GET IT.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Best is yet to come…

Zedd – Find You (Killabyte Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Life has an eerily beautiful ability to be both insufferable and blissful. When the world seems to crumble around us in death and turmoil, music is the sole beacon of inspiration and hope in the chaotic expanse of our valuable days. Killabyte demonstrates precisely this priceless ability with an uplifting, euphoric take on Zedd‘s “Find You.” With entrancing synths paired with heart-engrossing vocals, this remix ignites the spark of life in every listener. The 16th-note runs and cascading sonic auras establish both the joy and satisfaction in finding the object for which your mind and body thirst. Chills will run across your skin in playful steps until all the blood rushes into your cheeks. “Euphoria” is a simplistic description for what KB achieved here, but one thing can be stated succinctly, Killabyte has developed into quite the master of sensual bass. This remix is clearly the evidence. After all, that’s all we want…nay, need from music – to make us feel something. GET IT.

BONUS: Diamond Pistols Ft. Anna Yvette – Twerk (Killabyte Remix)    GET IT.


Sonny Moore – Turmoil (Skrillex Remix) [Spag Heddy Remix] [FREE DOWNLOAD]


For the crimes of public endangerment, inciting riots, damage to personal and public audio equipment, addiction-enabling, causing public lewdness in sexy women, and murder (of innocence)

The womp master known as Spag Heddy should on your list of “Most Wanted.”  With multiple priors in The Bassmonster Official Record, he’s wanted everywhere for taking the innocence of every rage fiend that has been addicted enough to press the little triangle that shoots his particular flavor of grime and bass directly into your veins.  His tracks are narcotic.  This time, he goes harder and stronger than ever before by killing Skrillex (!!!).  Ragers everywhere should beware. It’s so naughty that heaven can’t save you…  GET IT.

BONUS: Spag Heddy – Final Warning     GET IT.


Mt. Eden Ft. Phoebe Ryan – Chasing (The Remixes EP)

Before you continue, reflect on whether you’ve heard Mt. Eden Ft. Phoebe Ryan’s original mix.  If you have, then proceed fearlessly.  If you haven’t, I highly recommend that you do so, so what comes next has both context and depth.  The original mix blasted your ears with chaotic samples that expanded all the cracks in the fabric of reality into deep canyons.  With sensually irresistible vocals, there is gold within these bars.  Next, Giuliano Rascan gives us a taste of some darker, slammin’ elements that exacerbates a “liquefied brain” sickness.  Then, Synchronice just flips it on everyone, and not a thought could be had in the whole place.  As part of the remixes EP (out now/Ultra), the expertly-crafted remixes have the ability to shock and awe, but our runaway favorite is Synchronice’s.  That track will have you so high; you’ll be able to capture and devour what you’re chasing…  Lucky you.  GET IT .

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David Heartbreak – Acid Youths (Infuze Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Seriously, we can’t get enough of this track.  From beginning to end, it’s quality with every downbeat with the vocal sampling being on par with some of the best we’ve heard.  Then, when you dig a little bit deeper and find the airy vibes combining around sirens, horns, and a frenetic build, the energy is almost too much for your ears…then the drop just gets really filthy.  Honestly, no other words would describe it better.  Crank up your sound system, and listen to the official remix from Infuze that came out on OWSLA’s NEST IV.  Sweet baby Jesus, we’re straight addicted.  Come help us chase down this dragon.  (Bass included.) <3


Kill Paris – Keep Your Secrets In Midnight City (Bryzone Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Bryzone created a fantasy world, where colors are mesmerizing and happiness is default.  The production from beginning to end really heightened the energy of the original, leading to this beautiful free track.  If the cosmos appeared in the visual space before you, this track could score the emotional response in your cerebral cortex while viewing such an awesome sight.  Reshaping the Kill Paris mix into a pulse-heightening DnB track that renders your lungs useless.  Allow your pupils to dilate as the synths and melodies course through your veins.  Enjoy.  GET IT.


NERVO x Ivan Gough Ft. Beverley Knight – Not Taking This No More (Spag Heddy Remix)

Have you ever overindulged yourself?  You know that point where you think “damn, I really shouldn’t have done that”?  It tends to happen right before you do something involuntary, i.e. pass out.  Well, you’ll get that same thought/feeling right before Spag Heddy drops it hard in this new remix.  Not included on the remixes EP for “Not Taking This No More,” this version takes the soulful vocals of the original track and surrounds them in an acoustic environment of physical debauchery and secret pleasures.  An overindulgence of bass? Not a chance.  The synths will hammer on your auditory canals, while the bass trembles across your skin in a tickle-fight of sexual foreplay.  (Clothing is optional and NOT recommended. :P)

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iNexus – Year Long Riot EP + Rudeboy Flex [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Now, this is the perfect way to cap your night.  Introducing some of the heaviest talent around, the next artist to watch should be iNexus.  Suffocating in its depth and stunning in its complexity, these drops are definitely of the filth-flavored variety, characteristic of stupefying craftsmanship.  With every blown mind, iNexus is quickly establishing himself as one of the heavier talents to look out for in the upcoming year.

“Year Long Riot” EP:

Rudeboy Flex:


Skrux – Being Human Ft. Mona Moua (Original + Remixes) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Skrux.  A name that sends chills down my spine.  An expert in the sensational dubstep that deafens the chaos around us, this wunderkind has rendered us speechless time and time again.  At long last, we get to share all of the love with our fam.  Well, what better way to (re-)introduce you to his fantastic brand of wobbles than through the remix competition that had the internet going nuts.  Breaking all the rules, the TWO winners selected are relative newcomers – Seven Day Siege and Arkana.  We were blown away by the original, but these remixers add their own unique style and beauty to an already remarkable track.  Click play, and find out for yourself.  Playing on all of our heartstrings, these producers bring the icy heat to your January evening.  When they climax, you’ll be breathing fire.

Original Mix:     GET IT.

Seven Day Siege Remix:     GET IT.

Arkana Remix:     GET IT.

UPDATE: T-Mass comes in with his official remix.  A dark, massive feel to an emotionally gripping track.   The synths and vocal sampling lift and inspire you to incredible heights from which T drops the bass on you in showers of suffocating goodness as you freefall through the sky.  Yeah, this one’s dope.  Turn up the bass and ride it out for the night.     GET IT.


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Showek – We Like To Party (Victor Niglio Edit) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

In the city that never sleeps, I heard this track drop in a crowded underground club.  Following Martin Garrix‘s “Animals,” the crowd was already in a frenzy, and the DJ dropped this with impeccable timing.  When the horns emanated through fog blasts, arms were in the air, and the feet of the holiday clubbers were shuffling.  Asses were grinding, and the party had erupted.  Victor Niglio demonstrates for us why he’s the master of energy by flipping a massive switch on Showtek’s club banger.  This is dripping with swagger.  GET IT.

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Candyland – Live at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Candyland‘s first performance for Electric Daisy Carnival (hosted by Insomniac Events) is one for the record books.  Clearly, he’s a master of his craft, and this mix just confirms that assessment. Containing tracks of ninja mammoth power, the builds are ever-developing and culminate into drops that move, astound, shock, and awe.  You’ll get faded to this mix, and lucky for you, it’s the weekend.  You’ll be kicking yourself for missing this set, but hey, that’s what we’re here for. Happy weekend.  GET IT.

Track List:
1. Game Of Thrones (Candyland Intro)
2. Lana Del Rey – Young And Beautiful (Edit)
3. Kayzo & Jordan Alexander – Recoil (Original Mix) [Sweet Shop Records]
4. Major Lazer – Watch Out For This (Bumaye) (Hunter Siegel Remix)
5. Beenie Becker – Take Off (Original Mix)
6. Dirtyphonics – Walk In The Fire (Schoolboy Remix)
7. Killsonik – Je Te Veux
8. Knife Party – LRAD (Candyland’s OG Remix)
9. Devils Den / Ain’t A Party (Candyland Edit)
10. Martin Garrix – Animals (Victor Niglio VIP)
11. Henrix – Jumangee
12. Major Lazer & Flux Pavilion – Jah No Partial (Candyland Remix)
13. Henry Fong & Toby Green – Revival (Filip Ilic Remix)
14. Marco V vs. Far Too Loud – Lightsticks / Together (Candyland Edit)
15. Jacob Plant – Fire (Original Mix)
16. Candyland – Rave Party (WIP)
17. Candyland vs Darude & Calvin Harris – Sandstorm Feels So Close (Bootleg)
18. System Of A Down – Chop Suey
19. W&W – Thunder
20. Ace Hood – Bugatti (Diamond Pistols Unoriginal Mix)
21. Lil Jon – Outta Your Mind (Candyland’s OG Remix)
22. Coolio – Gangsters Paradise (Candyland’s OG Remix)
23. Flosstradamus – Roll Up (Baaur Remix)
24. Lil Jon – Snap Yo Fingers (Candyland’s OG Remix)
25. Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It
26. Lil Jon – Get Low
27. Schoolboy – Aftershock
28. Kevin Drew – Halogen
29. Alex Young – Mastermind
30. D.O.D – Fire
31. Wolfgang Gartner – The Way It Was
32. Knife Party – EDM Death Machine
33. Northend – Legion
34. Candyland – Get Wild
35. Far Too Loud – Cybertron
36. Candyland – Bring The Rain vs. Reload
37. Candyland – Breathless [Sweet Shop Records] OUT NOV 25th
38. Little Richard – Shout

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Bassnectar – Heads Up (West Coast Lo Fi Remix 2013)

His High Heaviness has a new release.  Observe your commandments, your ears need this type of dirty.  With the bass slathered onto the floor like butter on toast at Christmas dinner, thank the stars above for the blessings thou art about to receive.  It’s a shamrock you need to keep on hand.  Enjoy.

Last summer, in preparation for the fall tour, I decided to re-master (and in some cases re-create) some Bassnectar classics. I went back into Timestretch & Wildstyle and gave each song special treatment to bring it into a 2014 state of existence: thicker, clearer, heavier, louder, and even more alive. We’ve taken these collections and paired them on CD with releases which had previously been confined to the digital-only realms, with bonus tracks and the new special deluxe RE-DUX! Newer bass heads will be able to enjoy some of this music for the first time, audiophiles can bask in revisiting their favorite tracks with updated masters, and collectors can fill some gaps in their CD discography with first time pressings of Take You Down and Freestyle.

More info:


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