Naughty Boy Ft. Sam Smith – La La La (K Theory Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Cover your ears.  Sing to yourself.  You’ve never heard “La La La” like this.  The trouble-causing trio brings some of that acoustic nectar that will rip your ears in more ways than one.  Spiritually and physically, dirty percussive patterns with Sam Smith’s vocals is sticky honey on a dab stick – pure gold.  I don’t know about you, but this is the flip I’ve been craving.  Salivating through my sharp, fanged teeth, there’s enough bass to suffocate you for days.  Destroy in the darkness.  Search the depth of sounds.  That echo…  K Theory returns to the fold with an offering.  Do you deem it worthy?  We do.   |GET IT.

Jeremih Ft. YG – Don’t Tell Em (Alesia Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


The Parisian Persuasian.  Alesia has a sonic cannon directed right at our sternums – vibrating so quickly that it makes the whole world shake.  This Jeremih remake is already delicious with YG vocals for sprinkles, but this remix is filled with all that whipped cream that should be slathered on that dime you told Siri to keep on deck.  Cream filling.  In that late night grey area exception timeframe where you make decisions you call mistakes, this track is both the perfect summary and precisely on point.   |GET IT.

Elliphant Ft. Skrillex – Only Getting Younger (NGHTMRE X Imanos Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Those classic Skrillex vocals awaken the rager spirit.  Like a war horn that emanates in waves of clouds and energy, the same pattern and progression of the presence of wind on tall grass, we don our face paint and headresses of awesomeness.  Furry and crazy, this monster anthem is the perfect blend of suicidal brilliance.  Dark, brooding, and exhilarating.  NGHTMRE and Imanos team up in a bass gem that stomps on your shoulders like a giant she-male playing aggressive patty-cake.  S*** goes hard.  Part of the masterful, varied curation by one of the best labels around – Mad Decent.  (Vice x Justyle are on our radar.)  Cop your free copy of the remixes compilation here.

Honorable Mentions:


Missy Elliot – Hot Boys (Big Makk Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Big Makk!! This dude is killing that 808 with a percussive style that is clearly slated for your next session, your local hoodrat chapter, or for the bedroom.  Besides, Missy’s voice just does something to the male psyche to blind in horn-e-vision, while somehow empowering the female libido.  With harsh snares and undeniably infectious trap elements, “Hot Boys” is about to cause alarm with the sheer volume of panties that Big Makk effectively drops with just the gift of decibels.  The Orlando-native will make your knees weak, as the vibrations from your subs will massage your modesty into nothing.  You’re welcome.   |GET IT.

TroyBoi has been wrecking it. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

artworks-000086705355-5wquo6-t500x500NOTORIOUS! How many tracks do you know of that sample an accordion and get this kind of heat to fit inside a 4 minute master class of sampling and composition. TroyBoi has been making waves with the heat he’s released in the past few months, and this track confirms the norm for London-based producer/DJ.  With a chord cadence to open the drop, the samples are mixed, spliced, and manipulated to deliver a chop-n-screw-influenced track that is a clear example of a puppet master on the tables.  As an added bonus, here are a couple other tracks that are sure to grab your attention.  Trust us, you need to know about what he’s been doing. This is B.I.G.

Little Mix – Salute (TroyBoi Remix)   |GET IT.

TroyBoi – Till The AM   |GET IT.

Gent x Jawns – FADED EP

artworks-000085271451-14x63h-t500x500Next time you get out of the crib to hang with your boys, educate the fellas on this one.  That system is about to get handled. Clearly, these boys are upgrading your life by a few levels.  Once these tracks get a chance to piss off your neighbors, there won’t be anything left of your security deposit.  It’s about to get real.  Although “Turnup” had us cuttin’ any house party, club, and festival like construction paper, these new tracks are the future.  The magic of words just isn’t enough to demonstrate the power you possess with this release.  “Fireball” is enough to get the crowd rocking back-and-forth and side-to-side or escalating any foreplay you established with the chick you scoping.  It goes off on the next track, where these cats “Let Em Know.”  Crazy riffs, compounding builds, and sounds you just aren’t ready for.  Gent x Jawns definitely want to pop those speakers faster than you wanted to pop your first, and you’ll love it just like you did.  Kill The Noise performs a fatality on “Turnup” with a remix that is sure to demolish live sets everywhere.  On second thought, they might not even be able to handle this.  My bad.  Let’s go back.

Just one question:  How hoodrat are your friends?  GET IT.

SNAILS and Antiserum want to pump you up. #WILD


If you’re a dirty girl, SNAILS and Antiserum want you to resolve those daddy issues.  Echoing sonics of large depth and grinding synths rake across your eardrums, inciting energy and the rage mentality.  Another expertly-crafted track from two of the most talented producers in the art of public disturbance lets us know that the force is still strong and up to absolutely no good.  With a moving synth line reminiscent of your favorite horror story, your brain is about to get murdered.  Fxck your body.  This will leave your brain in shambles.

SNAILS x Antiserum – Wild |GET IT.


Salva does Classixx. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The ever-talented Salva delivers a dose of feel-good that goes down smooth and has you feeling euphoric and chilly in the warmest of summer breezes.  With rhythmic warping of Classixx’s vocals, “A Stranger Love” lays our heads to rest in emotional purity.  Leaving glimpses of summer sun in the corners of your mind, the production of pulsing synths carries you through your own personal mesmerizing dream world.  Already considered one of the league’s best for subtle nuances and motivating bass, Salva releases something magical for your slow grind and your future single-serving lovers. Flipping that nudisco feel for that RnB subtlety.  Love is in the air, and with this on deck, it’ll ensure those dreams fabricate into reality.  Hit the jump for something sweet and just a little bit louder.

Classixx – A Stranger Love (Salva Remix) |GET IT.

Just because we can: Salva Ft. Kurupt, ScHoolboy Q, Problem, and Bad Lucc – Drop That Bitch |GET IT.


Gold Top – I Know [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Psychedelics not required.

Taking the build right out of your favorite DNB track, the fake out alone will leave you craving the sudden onset of bass in ways that will have your mind swimming laps.  With a jungle-style drum and an 80′s ballad-inspired vocal drop, the bass echoes in the caverns where you spend your music-free moments.  Shuts that mental barrier down.  We like that.  Your shoulders better have the clearance for the rock.  You don’t want to make the next few minutes anything but salaciously sweet.  Gold Top‘s all you need.  GET IT. SUPPORT.

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Bro Safari x UFO! – Animal Remixes LP [FREE DOWNLOAD]

One of the releases to prep your library for festival season this spring comes from some of the aficionados and tastemakers of the hard, darker side of production, builds, and drops.  Take the creativities of two masterminds Bro Safari and UFO! repackaged and amended to increase the depths of the devastation.  These tracks are each a master class of bass from the anthem flourish of Gent & Jawns to the psychotic flips of Milo & Otis.  From beginning to end, this remixes LP captures some of cream of the talent pool at a time where the scenario is constantly changing and the bar is increasingly elevated.  These tracks measure up.  Monstrous and amped.  Vibin’ on various levels, an afternoon with this LP has you covered.  Imagine these acoustic monsters coursing through your veins as the adrenaline hitchhikes its way to the core processors of your party mind.  It’s time to upgrade your life and educate your peers.  GET IT.  SUPPORT.

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Psychologic – Wake Up [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Brewed better than sumatra with a flavor better than bacon and eggs, newcomer producer Psychologic has a banger appropriate for any flavor of mash, grind, or rub.  Understated but flavorful, this track has all the necessary levels to raise the sensual awareness even the most demanding of audiophiles.  Enigmas echo and reverberate through clever developments that are sure to liven and excite your mind.  Lots of promise for the elevating talent.  Good Morning, Fam.  GET IT.

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Mayhem x Antiserum vs Gent & Jawns – Where You Been? [FREE DOWNLOAD]

An impressively massive collaboration fresh off the press that’s just too damn hot to miss.  It has the size and sheer volume of a mythological epic that will ring out through history (eat your heart out, Homer). Every bit of talent on this track has had massive success through collaborations, Mayhem x Antiserum and Gent & Jawns, and when these gods among men combine forces, the results tend to be magnificent and jaw-dropping. The only comparable gift given to mankind was the gift of FREE fire, but Prometheus doesn’t have sh*t to say about this one.  He ain’t even mad about it. “Where You Been?” is a battle cry for the rage fiend.  From the click of play, the fanfare is infectious. Triumphant horns layered over trap embellishments and stomping bass, the hand claps are just enough to engorge even the most pitiful.  Every prude from here to Timbuktu will be spreading her legs at the blissful orgy you call a “club.” 100% pure audio adrenaline with narcotic power.  Don’t sleep on this one. Recommended volume: MAX. Inhibitions: disengaged. GET IT.



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Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (I See MONSTAS Remix)

We’re hunting monsters…  The tables are always tilted in I See MONSTAS‘ favor anyways for name alone, but after repeated hits in both our collection and in festivals and clubs all over the world, you know these Brits have something special.  Masters of the beat and continuously on-point, they troll on the mediocre field around them by making their tracks fun, infectious, and inventive.  They groove, they move, and they destroy.  Their newest creation is a remix of Ellie Goulding‘s “Hanging On,” and believe me… it’s in a class of its own.  Featured on the upcoming soundtrack of Divergent (which looks massive) and previously featured on Halcyon Days, you must hear what all the fuss is about.  Ellie’s vocals are sampled, spliced, and tweaked to perfection, while being paired with funk in a frenetic marinade of bass and drums. Bon appétit.


Candyland: Killin’ It. No Big. [UPDATED]

Update after the jump…

If you roll once, you can only go so far, but Candyland decided to go through the Gumdrop Pass and cut the waiting in half.  What a clutch move!  After popping their EDC cherry in Orlando, you must’ve known that the Santa Barbara natives had big plans in store for 2014.  Well, with three major remixes in five days, these guys obviously aren’t playing, and with the caliber of quality of each track, I’m impressed.  In celebration of a headining tour with Kill Paris, entitled “KILLER FRO” and a residency at Marquee in Vegas, 2014 looks to be their year already (and it’s only January).  Engineering a refreshingly massive and grimey take on what it means to go “hard in the paint,” this brand of dubstep is adaptive, methodical, and poetic – in every way both an assassin and an ex-lover in the form of high volume and large decibels.  The crunks don’t stop.  The ratchets are ready, and the booties are already poppin’.

Candyland’s “Breathe” remix is basically like an army of fairies, covered in micro-LED’s, lighting up the night sky. A lovechild of dubstep, drums, and trap…they exist in the grey area between sugar and spice.  These guys make me see things…  Then, their thumping restructuring of Butch Clancy‘s “Russian Lullaby” has the walls shaking with the sheer deafening volume of bass, ensuring a few noise complaints are guaranteed to be headed our way.  Not to mention that second drop and the drop-outs.  (Wait for it.)  Which leaves the guiltiest pleasure of them all, this remix of the festival/club anthem “Outta Your Mind” has just enough new school vibe under the size and weight of bass and sub bass layers to do some serious damage.  Eastern feel with that filthy/naughty/bad side.  Leggo. GET ‘EM.

The Prodigy – Breathe (Candyland Remix)

Butch Clancy – Russian Lullaby (Candyland Remix)

Lil Jon – Outta My Mind (Candyland’s OG Marquee Remix)

UPDATE:  These guys just don’t quit.  Adding another to the collection with that “OG” feel that is their strength and means to the “Trill-dom.”  With funky syncopated drums and a tambourine solo that will make your knees weak, the bass will flip-turn you upside down (to quote Will).  Grab all these free goodies while they last.  You support great artists, and they support you right back…on the DL…with treats, goodies, and sometimes, free music.  ;P


AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix – ENFERNO Slow Down Bootleg)

“Where the booties at?!”  Yeah, we hear you.  Here’s one to whet your appetite, and just be aware that it delivers.  DJ Snake‘s remixes of AlunaGeorge is smooth and guides you into your next bender, but Enferno decided to get creative and combined Snake’s “Slow Down” to create a booty-twerkulating banger.  Make sure you clear out some space because there’s something about a DJ that can put together a dirty mix like this.  He’ll get you to do things that… well, if you check it out, you’ll be ready to “stick it out and show the world you gotta…”  Hit the jump and observe a master at his craft, Enferno.


SubtomiK – Loaded (ATLiens Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Big Bass Alert.  This one has a lot of different influences that mesh into the sexual stimulant before you.  Click that green button and see how dubstep, trap, and big room come together.  It’s harmonious and elegant.  The darker builds funnel out from an empty warehouse, where sexy monsters gather together to get loaded with bass.  ATLiens bring it hard with a second drop that rattles the rafters.  It’s a joy to receive this blessing.  GET IT.


Michael Woods – The Pit (gLAdiator Remix)

With decibel prowess contained within gLAdiator‘s collective mind, their remix of Michael Woods’s “The Pit” takes robotic samples and incorporates an echo that will tickle the bedroom monster within us all.  With that tell-tale handclap that makes their music so infectious, this remix is melting nectar.  Sweet, potent, and addictive.  Hear the trap in all its glory below.


Mr. Carmack – Insomnity (again) x Studies 1

Featuring this artist has been somewhat overdue, but with outstanding creativity and expert utilization of his skillset on every new release, Aaron Carmack, a.k.a Mr. Carmack, just can’t be ignored or even stopped.  Hailing from the island state, his brand of bass is as future as it gets, where the vibes are crafted from his raw musical talent and compositional expertise.  “Insomnity (again) and “Studies 1″ are just a glimmer of his repertoire, but with back-to-back releases of this quality, it’s enough to entice you to explore his track record.  It’s sick.

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Party Favor x Meaux Green – G-String [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This is a monster collaboration, and the fusion of new jack swing and this future twerk has us salivating.  Toss on this track and have the produce twerkin’.  The drops are creative nectar, and booties will be shaking up and down faster than a stripper working for a fifty.  If this track were on the ratchet scale, it’d be a 9.6 with room for mistakes and debauchery.  Set panties to “drop.” GET IT.

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Brillz Ft. Teddy Tuxedo – Buckwild (Bro Safari & UFO! Remix)

One look at that title, and ****, if it doesn’t get you craving something cute and sexy.  Picture a pile of gunpowder kegs with a long epic fuse.  This is the spark that ignites your night from typical to story-worthy.  One click, and you’re toast.  All my ratchet children…add this to the rotation.  It’s a fire starter. The brilliantly-minded rage instigators Bro Safari x UFO teamed up infusing layers of the only thing you’ll need to turn up: heat.  It’s time to leave your sense at home – “Buckwild.”

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