Baauer – Harlem Shake (Party Favor’s VIP Edit)

Imagine you went to see one of your favorite DJ’s. They drop the #1 track on the charts (Read: N***** in Paris, Levels, Internet Friends), the crowd goes wild, and it’s the exact same version that the radio plays. It’s not a bad thing, and you definitely don’t hold it against the DJ. It’s just kind of droll. That’s the problem facing most DJ’s these days. With Soundcloud fiends and music snobs developing in every household that has a decent Internet connection, there’s always a few people in the crowd that are straight McKayla Maroney-ing the DJ throughout the “obvious” drops. It’s a travesty.

Well, Party Favor’s newest release, Baauer‘s “Harlem Shake” (VIP Edit), will shut those trolls up. With progressive builds of tantalizing teasers, Party Favor chops up the original better than a Benihana master. With the thumping bass and the playful musical theme of the second drop, this VIP edit is a fantastic take on one of the most widely recognized trap tunes of 2013.  Throw this in your sets, and save it for when the fifth tween  in a row that begs you to play “Harlem Shake.”  When this version drops, just watch their brains melt.  haha, n00b5.

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