Birdy Nam Nam – Defiant Order LP

Like Alice through the Looking Glass, OWSLA just released Birdy Nam Nam‘s Defiant Order LP in a remastered, somewhat “upgraded” version of their 2011 album. The difference? Taste, tone, flavor, and an OWSLA release. The expert turntablists beautifully constructed an imaginative recollection of a weary space-time traveler’s adventures (Dr. who?). As they take you through far-distant planets to experience the light, sound, and emotions of an alien acoustic adventure, BNN contributes an annal to the development of the rager by transporting them to a life not previously lived. In darker, futuristic vibes than is typically expected, these 11 tracks are futuristic, innovative, and unique. “Written in the Sand, “Jaded Future,” and “Black Bird Cloud” are my runaway favorites as they make high-octane energy sound sneaky like ninjas, but as the drum lines, synth melodies, and distortion-wrapped vocals are breathtaking, their unique sound litters these essentials for the adventurous and courageous. Kiss your mother goodbye. Spanning a multitude of genres and changing each of them in turn, there’s really no coming back from this LP. Beatport

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