Bro Safari – The Drop

Bro Safari is a name you’ll be hearing often…and your nerves will tingle with excitement. He’s already made a massive imprint on the dance community with his numerous releases that have been supported by most of the biggest names in the game. His newest track, “The Drop,” destroyed the Internet, and if you press play, it will leave you naked in a field with no recollection of what happened. Truly, this is a monster track that is sure to go down as one of the best dance anthems of 2013. Read for yourself the excitement and generosity of one of the most talented producers alive.

Whenever I write a new song, I always want to get it out for people to hear immediately. I’m directly inspired by the music that others are making and also by everything else happening around me [...] I wrote this song over the last week and immediately thought to give it away on Soundcloud, as quickly as possible. You’ve all been really good to me, so I’ll keep doing this as often as possible without compromising the quality of the material that I’m giving away. [...] Thanks again for all of the support! Hope you like the tune! -Nick/Bro Safari

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