Bro Safari x Space Laces – Fang Banger [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Do you like True Blood? This is nothing like that.  Instead, it’s closer to what it actually would be like a party full of girls that are so freaky they’d be into vampires and other taboos. Sound like your kind of party? Well, ok then.  Drop this track on your speakers and watch bodies juke and jive all around you.  Heads up though, blasting this on full while cruising through suburbia is one of the most delightful experiences.  Highly recommend doing it.  You’ll get mixed reactions, but with the level of hype, the crazy samples, and the expert vocal editing, this track is pure heat from beginning to end.  The only reprieve to catch your breath is when it’s all said and done.  As audio Red Bull should, it incites, excites, and enrages. With Halloween right around the corner, this will have crowds (and the internet) going nuts.  Full on riot. Hang on tight as the ever-talented Bro Safari teams up with Space Laces on a fresh new banger that’s bright and tempting, like a sexy festival girl in fairy wings or a plate of hot wings.  Take your pick. ;)  We know what we’d pick.  GET IT.

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