Candyland – The WMC EP


Like the Saw franchise, they’re back, and they’re killing stuff again…creatively. Candyland, the co-ed production collective, has returned with their second-ever EP, and if you weren’t impressed before (we just don’t get you sometimes), then this compilation will demolish your reservations. This 3-track ensemble hits on multiple genres of electronica, and each one is the foremost example for their respective fields. Inducing smiles and rage fatigue, each of these tracks will have you smiling, moving, and bumping. You might feel overwhelmed with the sounds of uplifting synths, ridiculous hi-hat triplets, and heavy, grimey bass, but heed my words: you’ll be fine. These compositions are truly masterful pieces of art. You’ll see rainbows, unicorns, swamp monsters, girls in skimpy outfits, dudes without shirts, lots of bandanas and flashing lights…OH! and beads. I mean, this EP has a PHENOMENAL OG remix of Rick Astley! Come on! Such a wonderful time to be alive. I usually celebrate a new Candyland single release with a three-day bender, and for them to go and unleash a party pack before the Winter Music Conference in Miami…well, I might just… ♥. :D Grab THE WMC EP here for the price of a like. I promise, it’ll feel like stealing…you dirty girl.

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