Carnage Ft. Migos – Bricks (Victor Niglio Twerk VIP) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


I can’t lie. The original ‘Bricks‘ is my alarm clock. There’s something really special about waking up flexing. It’s one of the most banging hybrid-festival trap bangers I’ve ever heard, and I’ve listened to A LOT of festival trap. I don’t know about you, but when I’m at a festival, I prefer to have my elbows up in the air and beautifully shaped female backsides jiggy-ing in my direction. Don’t blame me though. Jiggy made me do it. Jiggy Who? *Ahem* Excuse my twerkish. The party animal Victor Niglio not only produced one of the crunkest twerk anthems to be heard by ratchet ears, but apparently he’s also a mind-reader because he knows your darkest secret… to get “figgity figgity figgity figgity figgity figgity fucked up.”

Not your darkest secret? Maybe you should set your goals a little higher.

We didn’t see this coming. It’s like getting slapped in the face with a hundred bricks. Victor Niglio cranks the original ‘Bricks’ up to a crazy 100bpm heater. Literally turning up, taking the original from a street banger to a booty-bouncing heater. This is gold. Shoutout to the ATL Migos!

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SUPER BONUS: Carnage ft. Migos – Bricks (Official Video) [Explicit]