Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)

We love Sound Remedy because he produces happiness.  There’s really no other way that I can describe it.  Every track he’s released has made me smile time and time again.  Whether I was driving in my car or with a female, there are layers of abstract joy here that subtly extract your mental state beyond your 9 to 5 to a land of superheroes, fairies, and monsters.  Like a 2 hour Marvel action film, you will fall to an evil foe, develop a romantic trist, rebuild yourself, and prepare for an epic showdown with destiny.  For that level of extravagant adventure, there can only be one Sound Remedy.

As this is his Bassmonster premiere, I felt it only fitting to give you my top picks from the past year.  I chose four, and mind you, that was a Herculean feat.  They are masters of their craft, and within these blissful creations, they’ve created a musical movement all their own.  These monsters are cute and furry, and they love to rage.  This is the good stuff.  The Blue Label.  The cherry on top of a bass-filled, synth-blasted sundae.  This music will make you feel so good and distract you so bad that even if you’re trying to do work, a slow-motion paint rave will erupt around you. Yes, they are THAT good.

Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)

Last Lynx – Killing Switch (Sound Remedy Remix)

Noosa – Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix)

Carousel – Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix)

Crystal Castles – BAPTISM (Sound Remedy Remix)

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