Deadmau5 – Suite 03

Deadmau5 -Tap, tap. The conductor raises his baton.  A crowded concert hall waits with bated breath.  No sound.  Utter silence.  It’s near uncomfortable, but in an instant, his baton signals the woodwinds.  It begins. Echoing through the cavernous hall, the soloist holds his note until the strings arrive united. Dynamic and impending, the emotions pass through your body in waves and builds of escalating intensity.  Then, in a whisper, the raw acoustic power of natural wood instruments are coupled with the arpeggios of an electronic machine, punctuated by the changing chords of both orchestra and bass.  The balance conveys both emotion and motion, but as it builds larger, faster, and stronger, the electronics take over in both brevity and velocity.  This is merely part 1 of the vast overture that Deadmau5 has constructed, note-by-note.  Sans drop, your chest and mind ache for more, but this is only the beginning.  A perfect blend of the past and the present is an unfair teaser for what’s to come.

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