Dillon Francis x Flux Pavilion – The One [Unreleased]

These gods among men – Flux Pavilion and Dillon Francis – have brought us countless anthems to fill the empty hole within our souls called boredom.  With every track and remix from either of these producers, angels have fallen, children have wept, and asses and titties have bounced around the world.  We are truly grateful for the body of work they both have contributed to the population of hedonists that name “PLUR” as a religion and “Bass” as their belief.  When these two started sharing their lifestyles with the Internet (Flux shared a picture of Dillon crashing on his couch…yeah, that happened), I knew something magical and ethereal was bound to infect the population of ragers.  Squad, the children of their love, I’m sure, are plentiful, but today, it is “The One.”  As of this post, the track is still unreleased, but it has been played to the sheer ecstasy of those few lucky enough to hear it live.  It encapsulates both their styles perfectly, and regardless of its poor quality, “The One” should be shared with all your friends and on any playlist you make in the near future.  Put your finger in the air, and wave it like you just DGAFOS.

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