Gent x Jawns – FADED EP

artworks-000085271451-14x63h-t500x500Next time you get out of the crib to hang with your boys, educate the fellas on this one.  That system is about to get handled. Clearly, these boys are upgrading your life by a few levels.  Once these tracks get a chance to piss off your neighbors, there won’t be anything left of your security deposit.  It’s about to get real.  Although “Turnup” had us cuttin’ any house party, club, and festival like construction paper, these new tracks are the future.  The magic of words just isn’t enough to demonstrate the power you possess with this release.  “Fireball” is enough to get the crowd rocking back-and-forth and side-to-side or escalating any foreplay you established with the chick you scoping.  It goes off on the next track, where these cats “Let Em Know.”  Crazy riffs, compounding builds, and sounds you just aren’t ready for.  Gent x Jawns definitely want to pop those speakers faster than you wanted to pop your first, and you’ll love it just like you did.  Kill The Noise performs a fatality on “Turnup” with a remix that is sure to demolish live sets everywhere.  On second thought, they might not even be able to handle this.  My bad.  Let’s go back.

Just one question:  How hoodrat are your friends?  GET IT.