Krewella – Come x Get It (Jay Cosmic Remix)

Yup.  This is a track that delivers the heavy heat, crushes your grasp on reality, and never lets up take a breather.  Call “uncle” all you want, but the dirty things this track will make you do really aren’t legal in the US (as far as we know).  Jay Cosmic is back with a massive remix of Krewella’s “Come x Get It.”  With that cream-stimulating heaviness that will leave your heart on the receiving end of a helium tank on full throttle, this track will have you feeling the exponential volume of chest butterflies the instant before you kick it.  Yeah, imagine the necessary level of bass that would inevitably lead to a “quick death.”  As an added treat, we found a track from a bit back.  I ♥ jellyfish.  They’re secretly the ninja assassins of the sea with relative transparency for full-on sneakiness.  In what was Sweet Shop Records first single release, this other track was too huge to leave in the shadows of yesterday.   Besides, real Bassmonsters have no expiration date.

Jay Cosmic – Jellyfish

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