Kid Cudi’s INDICUD: Hip-Hop’s Album of the Year [ALBUM REVIEW]

indicud Evolution.  It’s inevitable.  As human beings, we’re shaped by our life experiences, and no matter what people say, we are never the same.  As a fan or a critic, it’s impossible to separate a person’s life from our understanding of their creative works.  However, it’s always been different with him.  Kid Cudi has long proclaimed himself to be just a normal guy that loves to create music that people enjoy.  In his career, every track, production, or endeavor has been representative of his attitude towards life and music.  An exploration.

After his self-inflicted sobriety and separation from Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, Scott Mescudi has long been at a crossroads.  No matter which way he decided to go, the end results have been eerily similar.  Critically blacklisted, but immensely supported.  There’s a reason for that.  The self-proclaimed “Man from the Moon” is a creature of experience.  Having witnessed his development from Dat Kid from Cleveland, Indicud speaks with the voice of our lost generation.  As our popular culture has become obsessed with electronic music, CuDi has embraced this musical palate and reintroduced us to the fantasy land of Indicud, the sovereign state of that life.  From start to finish, the lyrics and vibes of this album are a settled type of happiness.  An acquired state of joy that requires open-mindedness and a loving perspective.  The world may not be ready, and yet, we haven’t stopped listening and traveling with the Kid.

Beginning with the audio equivalent of creating the bionic man, Indicud chronicles the Man on the Moon’s experience on Earth.  Upon reentering the Earth’s atmosphere with massive impact, “Unfuckwittable” sets the tone for this journey.  Proclaiming his immortality and awesome power, “Just What I Am” identifies “King Wizard” as “Immortal” (see a trend here?).  Providing the soundtrack to our lives (couldn’t help myself), each track is creatively ambitious and delivers a unique emotional experience that resonates with the day-to-day existence of the rager.  With features from Kendrick Lamar, King Chip, Michael Bolton, and A$AP Rocky, these episodic accounts chronicle the adventures of a misunderstood, transplanted being with love for potent smoke-ables and good vibes.  If you are looking for an album where every track bangs, then you’ve missed the point.  This is the next chapter in the life of the Kid from Cleveland – a synopsis of feeling lost, alone, and unwanted in a cruel, unforgiving world, where individuality is misunderstood.  Eventually, no matter what a gift the visitor is, the world is not suited for him (“The Flight of the Moon Man”).

Indicud is an indication of the future direction of rap’s infusion with electronic music.  (Seriously, listen to it completely from beginning to end without skipping ahead, and you’ll learn that it’s music you like but didn’t know you wanted. ♥)  Breaking boundaries and obliterating the “expected,” his sound has really evolved.

And it looks like The Kid has grown up along the way.

Grab your copy of Indicud today off iTunes and Amazon.


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