Kill Paris – Baby Come Back (WorldCAT Trap Remix)

I’ve been waiting for this one. Kill Paris‘s “Baby Come Back” has been making rounds in numerous DJ sets as one of the heavier, chilled-out dirty funk gems. The World Class Art Thieves make their Bassmonster premiere with a trap rendition that adds just the right level of triple hi-hat and hoodrat samples to somehow make this track dirtier than the original. Obviously, that’s my opinion, but by remixing such a soulful track, changing it drastically would remove the very essence of what made the original such a colossal success. By introducing breaks, WorldCAT heightens the experience of the informed listener to a level of rage only attainable from a first time listen. Take the same build DJ’s have prepared for Kill Paris and drop this bitty in its place. You’ll find yourself covered in the divine unmentionables of the women in the crowd. This track goes hard with soul, and that’s just the way we like it. Dirty and not sorry.  Squad, meet the World Class Art Thieves.

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