Knife Party – EDM Death Machine

The final track off the highly anticipated Haunted House EP (expected out May 6th) is making its way across the internet, and in the aftermath of its premiere on, demand for psychiatrists is at an all time high.  Apparently, everyone’s losing their ****, and there’s no coming back.  Well, we had a good run…  Echoing the ever-prevalent sentiment for the future of the industry, Knife Party is taking off in a more freestyle direction that seems to be infuriating the purists.  However, the future only happens when someone decides to try something different.  These four minutes and 23 seconds are innovative, creative, and varied.  Presenting multiple moods and motifs, you’ll wonder if you’re even still listening to the same song.  No double dropping or repetition.  Each new musical setting or phrase takes you deeper down the rabbit hole, and by the end, you’re tripping face.  Knife Party seems to progress and evolve with every release, and when you’re already at the top, I guess this just set the bar that much higher.  Long live the Kings.

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