Lazy Rich, Hirshee feat. Amba Shepherd – Damage Control (Dirtyloud Remix)

Take the most beautiful sunset you can remember, and flip it to a sea of bright purple hues. The stars are shining thru faintly at first and the offensively bright yellow and gold. Not as a sparkle, but globes of swirling color like Vincent van Gogh imagined in his “A Starry Night.” That visual perspective of bright vibrant colors is the essence that this song exudes. I never imagined a track to be so easy to describe, but having listened to it on repeat for an hour, I feel like I can guarantee to you that this track of rage fuel and sex nectar seriously bangs. Bringing that electro house fire with the grime and build of a suffocating bass, Amba Shepherd’s vocals are nearly spiritual. With the grime level on 11, this track will thrash and bump in the night in a fog of steamy ecstasy. You hear that bass? Let’s dance. Dirtyloud. Know that name.

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