Party Favor – Parking Lot Pimpin’ EP

ALERT: It’s finally here.  Sometimes, we get over-excited, but we might be under-selling it this time.  The new EP from Party Favor is varied, salacious, and everything you need to fuel your weekend benders and late-night “talks.”  Nailing it on the various levels of thug nectar, this EP is 100% heat, and honestly, we don’t get to say that enough.  The complex hype monster  “Parking Lot Pimpin’” gets an energy boost from the grounded, yet atmospheric “Mr. Brass” and the chilled-out, bedroom oscillator “Break It Down.”  Each of these tracks are behemoths, and you should thank Party Favor for putting them all on the same volume.  Your cup is running way over.  Grab your copy today.

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6 thoughts on “Party Favor – Parking Lot Pimpin’ EP

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