Pretty Lights – A Color Map of the Sun

Artist: a person capable of superior workmanship or performance.

This is evidently true when talking about Derek Vincent Smith, a.k.a Pretty Lights. Showcasing the skills that have made him a top notch producer while simultaneously taking it to a whole new level, A Color Map of the Sun is truly a work of art. Charting a new course on the electronic music landscape, PL has taken us inside his mind by creating his own collection of vinyl to sample from, making this an album one he can truly call his own. This undertaking involved working with countless musicians in studios across the country, from New York to New Orleans, and as they say, the proof is in the puddin’ (you can check out the full documentary¬†The Making of “A Color Map of the Sun” here). Laying colorful samples, breathtaking vocals that sound straight out of the 50s, a mixture of live instruments, and the head-nodding traditional PL rhythms, this album is the full package. From the silky smoothness of “Yellow Bird” and “Vibe Vendetta” to the gritty sounds on “Color of My Soul” and “So Bright,” PL has encompassed the entire spectrum of his sounds into one beautiful masterpiece. True to his roots, the album is available for free download here, or purchased as a double CD from the PL store, as well as digital download on iTunes. If you can support this album by making a purchase, I highly encourage you to do so!

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