Project 46 – Continuum [FREE DL]

This is the only Free EP you need.  This 3-track collection of acoustic narcotics is from the masters of the build, Project 46.  Consistently considered one of the premiere progressive/trance artists, Continuum is a jewel to behold to the electronic dance enthusiast.  With beats that rain fire everywhere the light touches, the energy is profound in each of these tracks.  “Waiting” is the runaway favorite as their collaborative offering with Soundwell, featuring the smooth caress of KORY’s vocals.  Then, “Catalyst” will crank the energy up to the nth level with synth chords and a high energy bass assault rifle.  The layers grind you higher through the upper planes of existence, forcing good and evil to battle it out for your soul in a slow-motion sloth death battle.  Think you’ve had enough?  Well, they aren’t, so “Ekho” takes you even higher.  Transcendentally beautiful, you’ll feel effervescent by the time Project 46 is done with you. Trust me, you need this.  Monstercat cannot be stopped.  Download

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