Say Lou Lou – Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)

So, it begins…with a horn calling you somewhere deep within the woods.  You travel over rocks, river banks, and tree roots, captivated by the siren’s call of a percussion instrument that sings.  Your friends appear at your side, smiles emblazoned on their faces, and the sky transitions from near-white blue into deep hues of scarlet, auburn, indigo, and lilac, as the sun begins to set.  Emotions rise, and sensations peak, as the bass exclaims a moving beat throughout this progressive composition, highlighting the indie pop vocals of Say Lou Lou for all those gathered.  As the stars begin to appear, the forest erupts with light and sound, arresting all thought within this magnificence of happiness.  As arguably their best track so far, The Chainsmokers expertly combine feel-good with indie progressive in a popsicle-melter that you can’t help but feel guilty for enjoying.  It may be offered as a FREE DL, but this is definitely worth a fortune in all currencies. ♥

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