SirensCeol – Unlimited Pancakes [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Let me put a picture in your mind. You arise in the morning to a warm, sunny day, and are alerted by your favorite social media outlet that IHOP or your favorite pancake slangin’ outfit has decided to make a one day offer of unlimited pancakes for free. Imagine your excitement, your mouth salivating at the thought of all that syrupy goodness filling your mouth, and the smell of freshly cooked pancakes overwhelming your nostrils. Now, close your eyes, insert this thought into your brain while listening to this track and tell me you wouldn’t put the restaurant out-of-business, if you jammed this the whole time. Put your spacesuit on and board the star ship as you are taken on an unreal journey to the outer regions of your consciousness. Coming in hot with a thumping intro, followed by a maddening variety of mid range synths on the drop, closing with a gorgeous synth melody, and you have all the makings of a banger. GET IT.

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