Stephen Price – Show Me Your Rage Face (Live Mix)

Another artist submit for you guys.  This mix comes to us from Stephen Price, and it’s a delicious set of tracks that really coalesce into a pleasant and at times rage-filled frenzy.  It’s like beauty in chaos.  At times, it’s calming and subtle, but then it’s immense and powerful.  “Show Me Your Rage Face (Live Mix)” was initially a contest entry, but we admired the mix and decided to share with the ones who care.   It’s a solid half-hour set that truly brings the life into nightlife.  Dance around like a villain because this is Stephen Price.

Sorry, kids.  No tracklist.

“A lot of people enjoyed the mix. That made it worth it for me. [...] Be aware that none of the tracks are originals of mine. The mix does contain an original mashup I did with my friend using “Quasar” by Hard Rock Sofa.  Other than that, all I would say about the mix is follow me on soundcloud, if you like what you hear.  More live sets/mixes, mashups and bootlegs to come. Also it is all available for free download.” – Stephen Price

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