Dan Farber – Kiss The Sky [FREE DOWNLOAD]


This Jimi Hendrix has us kissing skies, clouds, stacked styro cups, and naked skin.  Taking a street take on this Hendrix original, those hoodrat tricks are even ready for this pro session of acoustics.  Gyrate and swerve through the trap-happy elements that should envelop you in a cocoon of utter awesomeness.  Emerge a trappy hippie and enrage the monsters into a frenzy.  Dan Farber‘s tribute to one of the greatest musicians of all time is indicative of the inspiration and groundwork that created this beast.  Turn up, get down, move your body, and kiss this mother****in’ dude right here.  #KissTheFarber   |GET IT.

Dan Farber – Dreams ✘♡ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

In the ethereal sense, Dan Farber delivers a mystically rhythmic beast that cascades on the hips of the anointed in ways that only bass and vibrations can deliver.  With horns that hammer along to a poignant drum line, you feel the breaths of air caress your cheeks as your heart rate soars.  The “thrill” comes in waves as the trebles enact vocal transformations into effervescent creatures.  This is the next level, you’ve read all about.  This is your “Dreams✘♡.” |GET IT.

Dan Farber – Sultan’s Picnic

When artists blow up, they sometimes forget why they got there – the fans.  Well, Dan Farber knows who’s been showing him love, and he wants to thank all of us.  In a vocal-spliced, snare-blasting trap tune, “Sultan’s Picnic” takes dance music to a whole new level by blasting you with horns, hi hats, and a bass line that will infect you faster than herpes.  Literally, just by clicking play, you’ll probably move feverishly to the beat, grinding on anything with a convex shape.  Well, there are worse things than being a slave to bass music (or humping random booties), and as this track demonstrates, there’s nothing better than getting hype with a plethora of bass.  Well, as a fan, you’re welcome, Dan.  It’s pretty easy to share the love when you give us tunes like this.

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Dan Farber – Light My Fire

Warped perception.  Your mind might not be ready for this.  If guns make you nervous, run.  Dan Farber has an RPG aimed at your face.  That ***** is going to hurt (but it’s so good though).  When a trappy ass tune makes house bunnies wet, you know it’s real.  With vocals that hit on almost every emotional level from chill to angry,  the triple hi hats are the only recognizable trait in the organized chaos of these drops.  You can build yourself a fortress, but this bass will still get you feeling hoodrat in no time.

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WorldCAT x Dan Farber – Drop It

Drop it like the NASDAQ.  This trap thing is getting crazy.  As more tracks keep getting released, we’re given such a broad selection of music to choose from that the best really do come to the surface.  Incorporating cosmic effects into a hyped-up anthem, “Drop It” from WorldCAT x Dan Farber is massive.  As the grind will overcome your ears, the blast of multiple fog guns blast intermittently to create the aura of depth.  As the sound waves echo off hollow metal walls, you may feel like you’ve been transported to the after-party for the intergalactic war with sentient aliens.  Yeah, we’d party hard in that imaginative scenario as well.  This track will get you there quickly.


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