Kaosa – Reflections

Dirty as a duck. That’s just one of the many ways to describe this track. This is wild out music. Primal, foot-stomping, rage-face-inducing jams. Released as one of two songs on the So Far So Good EP (via Dirty Duck Audio), rising stars Kaosa just dropped some hammers on your ears. This is dubstep produced in its finest form with well-rounded wobbles, exceptional synth leads, and some growling mid-rangers to gnaw at your core. What more could you ask for?  I would have to agree with these fellas’, “So Far So Good.” Beatport


VestroviA – Shake It! (Original x TRAPSKI Remix)

The latest offering from Dirty Duck Audio is this electro hype mania that is the second greatest mania to only Wrestlemania (and nothing’s better than that).  With shouting, grinding synths, guitar riffs, and exciting drums, “Shake It!” is a daring dance-inducer that fuels as well as enrages.  It challenges all listeners in their static boredom to engage in the opportunity that these tones necessitate.  With this much uptempo nastiness, this is the pure dance music, the kind you’d play for your parents so that they might understand you better. Also on the release, UK producer Hanski does an alter ego flip on the electro banger with his own TRAPSKI remix.  It’s turnt, and you should expect the “dirty” to increase significantly. Beatport



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Gold Top – Booby Trvp

The title kind of says it all, but when you name a release “Booby Trvp,” (at least for us) the bar is set extremely high.  You want to be hyper-critical in these situations, and really, this horn-blasted, funky original delivers.  A new Gold Top track always brightens up our day.  The vocal samples twisted in around that triple hi hat beat, this will have you rocking for the entire time.  At times, it gets a little 3-dimensional, so don’t be alarm if you feel transported to a different plane of existence.  From our experience with this track, that feeling is absolutely natural.  Go with it and feel the awe-inspiring brilliance of “Booby Trvp.”

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Barely Alive – Killer In You (Gold Top Remix) + BONUS

This remix is a gift to you, my ratchet little children.  In another heavy-handed release, Gold Top has returned with a remarkably large tune that will leave your mind in shambles. This takes trap to a different level that may open up the future for the genre.  Evolving into more of hoppy form of trapstep, the filth and waves will deliver in measured precise landings that rock your face off.  Released through Dirty Duck Records, this remix was too good to share individually.  This bonus track is a remix of GT that was also released on Dirty Duck.  Some dankness right here.

BONUS: Gold Top – Uh Oh (Stand Tall Fists Up Remix)

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