Felix Cartal Ft. Koko LaRoo – Young Love

America’s one year older, and for some of us, going to work is the hardest thing today.  Well, here’s something inspirational and moving that will get your blood flowing post-holiday.  Felix Cartal has a blasting nectar tune that utilizes unique sample permutations to tickle our fancies and stimulate our senses.  Accentuating Koko LaRoo’s stunning vocals, our hearts are stolen on this one.  We’re in love with the feel-good vibes of this track, and with summer in full swing, this makes falling in love that much sweeter. GET IT.

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The Bloody Beetroots – Spank (Felix Cartal Remix)

It begins like the opening to an 8-bit video game.  Then, when the voices drop, you know it’s going to be an amazing ride.  The bass funks and bumps.  It traverses across the dead space between your soul and your groove and fills your chest with happiness.  The synth builds take sideways sweeps back and forth across your face.  A cowbell appears and bends you over into “the position.”  The drop is so playful that it flips you around and makes you get on top.  The celestial arpeggios breathe fire, and Felix Cartal spanks.  Please sir may we have another?

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Zedd Ft. Foxes – Clarity (Remixes EP)


Literally, the most names I’ll put in a single post.  Ridiculous, and yet, it’s “Clarity,” so I honestly don’t mind. :D  In what has to be one of the most pleasant remix contest experiences ever, this competition was phenomenal with productions of amazing quality.  Delivered to us in 2 separate releases on Beatport and iTunes, Zedd Ft. Foxes – Clarity (REMIXES) EP is a compilation of various styles, levels of hotness, and producers of varying notoriety.  With names like Torro Torro, Tiësto, and Brillz, these winners put their hearts and souls into their mixes, and it shows.  This is a collection that delivers on every level of existence.  I’ve genre-cized them for you – no real need for a description of each track.  Let your ears do the choosing, and truly enjoy some of the best dance music around.  Plus, Foxes is sexy as hell. ♥  #CPDH

Headhunterz Remix (Beatport) – Hardstyle

Funkagenda Remix (Beatport) – Drumstep (FIRE!)

Torro Torro Remix (Beatport) – Electro House (Dope!)

Roy Rosenfeld Remix (Beatport) – Deep Prog. House

Felix Cartal Remix (Beatport) – “!!!!!” / Electro House (Dope!)

Nick Thayer Remix (Beatport) – Moombahcore (Fire!)

Shreddie Mercury Remix (Beatport) – Electro House (Whoa.)

Swanky Tunes Remix (Beatport) – Prog. House

Style of Eye Remix (Beatport and iTunes) – Electro House

Tiësto Remix (Beatport and iTunes) – Tiesto (Parker’s Post)

Zedd Union Mix (iTunes Only) – Orchestral (Beautiful)

Brillz Remix (iTunes Only) – Trap (Personal Favorite)


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