Mercer & Autoerotique – Murda Dem (Luminox Rework) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

artworks-000087905357-v2d3n5-t500x500Luminox is back. He didn’t really go anywhere, but damn I feel like I’ve been missing this bad boy in my life. Seriously, when I think of the beginnings of our new wave of trap music, I instantly give credit to Flosstradamus, Carnage, Heroes X Villians, and Luminox, amongst others. If this isn’t a festival banger, my name isn’t Dopeboy. Taking the original production and cranking it up a notch from 128 to 140, Luminox has the crowd going nuts. The second drop still makes me want to bang on pots and pans in my kitchen. The whole thing is a juddering jam drizzled with tribal drum patterns and boisterous hi-hat sequences. GET IT.

TomorrowWorld: The Preview

In about two hours, the largest festival to hit the States opens its doors for the remarkably monumental event.  It’s stages are built, the tents are erected, and thousands of people in love with rainbows, unicorns, and bass are headed into a marathon of debauchery, memories, and an overwhelmingly euphoric experience.  It’s game-on in Georgia, and the world has congregated for one of the most potent and extravagant events to hit the Southeastern United States.  Feel like you’re missing out?  You absolutely should.

The lineup alone is enough to make an ocean feel like a wet dream.  The major players are coming to town.  Whether your a progressive fairy or a trapsteppin’ ogre, the grass is definitely greener at this TW.  Protect thyself and prepare for the experience.  We’ve already contacted the census bureau to prepare for the influx of “accidental” miracles.  “We made you at TomorrowWorld” is a fairly impressive conception story.  Proceed with caution.  Although we’d love to entice the attendees with great tracks to prime for the event, but the truth is… a fan in preparation probably already did all the legwork.  So, before all the live mixes and set rips flood the Internet in the coming weeks, we can still appreciate what they’ll most likely hear and where the artists are headed.

Here are a few tracks to obsess over, fall for, and indulge in while you go through work shifts and house parties, indulging in “goodies” until your friend’s basement turns into an underground rave…

 Booyah! (by Showtek Ft. We Are Loud x Sonny Wilson)    GET IT.

And of course, the trap remix… by our homeboy, Party Favor  BANGER ALERT!

The collaborative monster collab between Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x Deniz Koyu – Roads

Speaking of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, they did the festival’s anthem. “Ocarina”  GET IT.

Some dark dirty trap from Luminox

More than a few Diplo vx. DJ Fresh – “Earthquake” Remixes

The lineup has more talent than we have the time and patience for, but this little taste should give you some idea of why we scraped together money, budget months in advance, and let loose in a binge-style marathon of self-indulgence.  Hedonism meet the apex of electronic music festivals.

Be on the lookout for a Wrap Up from our festival correspondent in the days following the festival, but in the meantime, meet up with the Bassmonster crew at the craziest points of the festivities.  If you love us, you’ll know where we are.  Get photos with our execs, and some lucky winners will be dubbed Bassmonster Babes, “showered” in swag, and inducted into the family.  Hit us up on Twitter @bassmonstercom and on Facebook for where to get your BM gear.

See you there. <3

Luminox – Tantrum

The King of Diamonds…I mean, trap is back.  Luminox leaves it all on the table with a banger that knocks all sorts of things off the shelves.  It’ll rattle and break your most prized possessions, but who cares. “Tantrum” is delectable.  With synth melodies that will toss your brain around like a little baby troll with a plaything, these bass lines will overwhelm your senses .  Nothing makes a Monday go by faster than a good tune to blast throughout your day. This track will do nicely for that. ♥


The Partysquad – Go Down Low (Luminox Remix)


Got a monster trap track for you guys here from the master of hype, Luminox.  He was recently featured in the documentary CERTIFIED TRAP: EP. 2 (if you haven’t seen it, definitely go check it out at  His musical philosophy is all about hype, and he seems to be an expert at doing just that.  He’s brought us epic remixes of Sandro Silva and Quintino’s “Epic,” Bingo Player’s “Rattle,” Major Lazer’s “Original Don,” and a few original mixes and collabs.  He’s been featured on a few trap compilations, and the argument for his placement amongst the top producers in the genre is completely founded and deserved. His remix of Partysquad’s “Go Down Low” is another track that’ll make you go bonkers.  “Go Down Low” starts out with a simple drumbeat and then escalates into a musical frenzy.  This talented mastermind out of Chicago takes “electronic” music to a whole new level, moving a crowd like I’ve never seen before.  Listen to this monster, and try your best to see this dude spin live.  It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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