Monster Of The Week: Virtual Riot

artworks-000087745488-mtem46-t500x500This has been a long time coming. We’ve been following Virtual Riot for a couple years now, and he deserves all the fame in the world. What makes Virtual Riot great? He brings to the table everything that the Dubstep/Electro game is lacking. The familiar crunch or sample pack wobble is seriously no match for his properly executed complextro productions. Recently signed by Disciple Recordings, Virtual Riot made waves in the scene this week with his release of his WE’RE NOT ALONE EP. I believe this cat has the potential to headline his own major tour… from main room bangers to ethereal bass music, this German producer is completely ignoring genre constraints. This is the future, as epic orchestral scores fuse with punchy, crunchy, filthy dubstep, this is one of the biggest releases of the year. GET IT.

Oh you’re hungry for more Virtual Riot? Check out this recent mix that he dropped for our buddies over at YourEDM.

Come out to Play-ee-ay! WE’RE BAAAAACCCCKKK!!


It’s been far too long.

After hibernating through a cold, computer-less winter, we’re starving for some sustenance.  The children are hungry. It’s time to share those bass-heavy morsels that we’ve been hoarding like nuts in a tree.  Well, since we lumbered out of our caves from hibernation, UMF14 happened, and festival season is fully upon us. Praise the bass-heavy and all their decibels of “whoa.”

In celebration of the season, we’re coming back at you with oodles and hours of joy.  Come click your brains out on essential lists and collections of tracks for your every day. All our monsters are back in action, and like I said, they’re hungry.

First up, SKRILLEX. In an ingenious marketing scheme, Sonny released a full preview of his upcoming LP Recess as an easter egg in the mobile game “Alien Ride.” It’s a fun space-oriented blaster, but hidden within the game are timed-releases of each track from Recess.  “Ease My Mind” is creative/musical genius, but the composition of each track is a unicorn of a different color.  With flourishes and builds that levitate, the iconic breath and flavor throughout though is all Skrillex. Buy the whole album in the iTunes Store, and oh, buckle up.  After that, there’s a collection of some hard-hitting tracks that is sure to quicken your pulse with every play.    Enjoy.

Skrillex – All Is Fair In Love And Brostep|GET IT.

Skrillex – Ease My Mind|GET IT.

Downlink – Raw Power (Figure VIP)|GET IT.

Tut Tut Child x Splitbreed – Groupies|GET IT.

The Prodigy – We Are The Ruffest (The Frim Bootleg)|GET IT.

Them Lost Boys x Gummy – War Horse|GET IT.

Disclosure – Latch (Silverback Remix)|GET IT.

Party Favor – TOUCH (Jordan Odegard Remix)|GET IT.

Getter – Knives VIP|GET IT. 

Destroid – Raise Your Fist (Rekoil Remix)|GET IT.

Barely Alive Ft. Spock & Directive - Chasing Ghosts (Virtual Riot Remix)|GET IT.

Cash Cash Ft. Bebe Rexha – Take Me Home (Dr.Ozi Bootleg)|GET IT.

Tim Ismag x CVPELLV – dUb|GET IT.

Barely Alive – Dead Link|GET IT.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Best is yet to come…

Helicopter Showdown – Hacker Crap / Cali Born Ft. Virtual Riot [PREVIEW]

You remember back in April when we told you to watch out for Virtual Riot‘s collaboration with Helicopter Showdown called “Cali Born”?  Well, here it is again.  This time the power-heavy heater is packaged in a 2-track preview release that demonstrates the level these boys play at and the great lengths they go to deliver slayer status bass.  We anticipate great things from the full-length collaboration, but the original from HS is engulfed in flames. “Hacker Crap” is a drumstep original from the Heli boys, and it may cause you to do some pretty raunchy things.  Grinding synths and a persuasive sub bass that leads to offensive discourse and chaos, coupled in a beautifully crafted arrangement, trigger furious raging in all listeners.  With panties and “other things” raining down from the rafters, everyone’s getting buck-wild to this one.

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Virtual Riot – Energy Drink

This is some fire electro.  It combines dubstep elements with some killer audio samples that culminate in this magnificent work of sound.  Virtual Riot lives up to the name and releases this hyper tune that promises to deliver a pretty wild night.  You can also crank this tune on your walk into work…like a boss.  Also, check out their recent collaboration with Helicopter Showdown that adds a little moombahcore to any dance party.

Virtual Riot x Helicopter Showdown – Cali Born [PREVIEW]

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