The Chainsmokers Ft. Siren – KANYE


Seriously, catch up people.  If you missed this one, shame on you. <3 Our boys, The Chainsmokers, have been obliterating the scene with hashtags, social movements, and nectar audio that built our favorite memories and revived the party lifestyle.  It’s been quite some time since there was an anthem that voiced our generation, but The Chainsmokers just did it and called it KANYE. <3<3<3!!!

“Really? Our generation???”  Why, yes. We are the “F You” generation. We’ve ALL been inevitably influenced by Kanye, whether we like it or not, and we all are the “king of me ALWAYS.”  The New York-based duo upgraded our social status once again by bringing a liberation anthem of self-awareness and confidence that echoes to all of us.  Impressed yet?  Their versatility is shied only by their consistency.  After seeing these kids kill some bedrooms and dance floors over the past two years, it’s nice to see that the future is still quite bright for The Chainsmokers.  KANYE is the next universally-enlightening step of that development process.  It’s the first breath of fresh air after a show.  It’s the coldest beer in the cooler.  It’s the summer anthem you’ve been searching and waiting for – speaking to the common spirit of our social conscience and of being true to one’s own happiness.

Play this and allow the piano keys to warm up your spirit, while the celestial harmony of Siren heighten your senses with their vocals.  Their enrapturing, awe-inspiring voices ring out a message that sparkles and skates across the bars like little rage-mode Tinkerbells partying on top of a mountain paradise.  As the build draws you up, the beat hammers your brain in funky bobs and weaves with fairy voices encouraging you higher and higher. By the end, you’ll #BELIKE Party Shades: ON, crown-set, straight chillin’ on a cloud.  Why wouldn’t you want to experience this? Yeah… it’s good. <3   |GET IT.