The Filthiest Blender: The Chainsmokers at Tomorrowworld 2013 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The world is bright and beautiful when you have a brief taste of what heaven on earth could potentially be like. In a mere 50 minutes, the world stands still and your heart will journey on a quest for love, adventure, and triumph.  With grinding phrases, stunning composition, and elegant drops, this mix is more than a performance.  It’s an emotional outpouring of passion, skill, and love.  Here at Bassmonster, we’ve been advocates of The Chainsmokers since Day 1, and when their live performance (early though it was) blew away the crowd in Georgia, direct sunlight and dehydration had no effect on the lucky.  Take a minute to journey with the New Yorkers as they transform your bedroom and/or car speakers into a mainstage.  As prep for a night out or a soundtrack to the weekend’s festivities, this set stands leagues above the other contenders (yeah, it wasn’t even close).  This week’s filthiest blender goes to The Chainsmokers.  We love them, as should you.  They deserve everything your heart has to offer.  Leave your panties at home, you won’t need them where they’re about to take you.  Now, for the acceptance speech…  GET IT.

Hey Everyone… Thank you so much for making this show the most incredible experience of our lives. To see so many fans we have communicated with over the internet or met at different occasions all up bright and early at 1230 for some Chainsmokers craziness meant everything to us…

We cannot thank you all enough, we don’t look at any of you as fans, but as real friends and cannot express enough how the support you have shown us drives us to be better and keep pushing forward. Its truly the highest honor for us to share our dream with you all. You have made a reality that once seemed impossible more real than most things in our lives…. We love you and the good news is, this is JUST the beginning!

AND Stay tuned we have some big releases coming up!

Fun Facts:
1) Exactly a year ago from this show’s set marked the first Chainsmokers show ever, which was at Terminal 5 with Timeflies.
2) Alex was puking from drinking the night before literally seconds before this show started…
3) When Alex the Parrot (The Subject of a 37 yr old experiment) died, his last words to his caretaker were, “You be Good, I love You”


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